Updates (February 4, 2024)

Culture: Some South Asian cultures focus on just study for the sake of knowledge and life – I have a friend from Ajax, Ontario, Canada who is currently in the Computer Science program at Ontario Tech University. We studied together at Durham College. He did the Computer Programming and Analysis while I just did the 2-year Computer Programming. His parents allow him the time to just study at his pace. My parents did not and pushed me to finish ASAP. Also I pushed myself too. I always had the problem with me that I wanted to gain all the skills necessary to do the things I wanted and needed. I did not want to focus on being superficial when I was young growing up in Ajax, Ontario, Canada and just wanted to study and do stuff for my enjoyment and fun and attainment. Now that I am done now I realize the scope of education in computer science more now. This Reddit link shows how to get a degree: . You can see the scope of getting a BSc in Computer Science online for free. I will do what my friend is doing and attempt this to keep growing in studies like him as that is the noble way and right way to live in 2024++. We must evolve to understand that education is life now in the modern age especially in Canada. We must work toward educating and working on ourselves for life. It helps all aspects of your life. My parents did not understand the scope and depth of computer programming/science. It literally took me 26 years to get the skills to do programming like now. It is no ones fault. I don’t blame anyone. You go through life and realize the uphill climb as soon as you try to climb it. I see South Asians really study for life. I am just doing my thing but the need to study and study and study, I don’t have yet. I don’t have this study, study, study pattern in my life yet really. I think it is needed at this point in time.

Life: Refocus – I have 2 people to help me refocus on life. 1. Tan Vu (John) who I studied with at Durham College computer programming. He is currently studying higher education now. 2. My friend from Ajax, Ontario. He allows me to understand the mindset and lifestyle of a South Asian and that is school, education for life for the sake of knowledge and just to live and get by. When I get lazy, unfocused and feel like giving up, I remind myself of these incredible friends. You can live however you want here in Canada but these friends show me what life can be and could be and should be. The uphill climb seems incredible and a wonderous breathtaking journey of the mind and experiences. It is so incredible to use the mind and all its senses. That is what makes life so much fun and unique. I could appreciate it now after doing what I wanted in life.

Life: Why I am this way- Is the way I am acting normal? Normal for me? Normal for my people? What is normal in 2024? You need freedom. You need to have time to play and relax and reflect. How do you put aside time and space to do so? I am doing what I need to have that freedom and space.

Life: Doing the things I am doing I get new experiences and feelings – There is an odd thing about other people and other cultures here in Canada. With the cultural mosaic here in Canada, certain groups want to tell you how to think and feel. When you get to 40 years old you start the heavy decline and stop caring about people other than yourself. You then look for ways to help yourself on the second half of life. It does not depend on someone’s idea of you and your people. You are here to enjoy life and get lots of nice experiences and feelings in life to feel good and grow. Not many people I have met are that open and liberal. What I am doing is pretty liberal and open I think. I have to ignore the closed minded people and cultures who don’t understand the year is 2024 and things are changing.

Life: At 40 and the decline – The half way point in life is here. Life was all about getting enough education and experience to one day realize you hit maximum of your studies and then start the second half of life. The second half of life is trying to get new experiences and new feelings growing old. Having an easy life doesn’t do anything. Once you are out in public trying to socialize and have a life, you realize to find a wife is to get one that expects to grow together while getting old together.

Life: Life Sciences – In second year university back in 2004, I was told by older students that life sciences were just understanding systems. Understanding the biological pathway and the interactions. OK. I understand that kind of. But I felt unfulfilled. I was looking to grow and grow and understand more. Was there more? I was looking for more basis and foundation instead of accepting the answers at school. At my age of 39 years old as one of the oldest Vietnamese born in Canada after the Vietnam War, I realized after school now and some work, that life is growing stages of more depth of growing old and mature and wise and finding new experiences and feelings. Learning more than just the basic chemistry and growth stages is what I was seeking.

Life: Are you supposed to fit the professional job career stereotype? – I am not sure at 40 years old you can just be your career. Will that allow for growth and happiness and anything new? Linus Torvalds isn’t your typical programmer. He has a personality that is very, very unique. No one can criticize him.