Updates (February 3, 2024)

Life: How things are determined – You actually have to do those unique things that are important to you to have the human connection with others. Maybe depending on the person where they are born, that human drive and spirit to do what you love will bring value to you and everyone that values humane goals. Instead of pure capitalistic and status driven goals at the forefront, your passions will develop you into a “human” specialist in understanding yourself and others. You will find a wife that will see your drive and passion as a teacher on your passions and life here in Canada. It might take years and years to develop your passions and build miles deep structure and layers. For me as a Canadian born person, that is what makes things worthwhile now and in the long run for yourself and the development of your space. You have to keep producing what drives you until you become a specialist with 10-20 years of projects and experiences. That will make you an expert. People will seek you out for advice and goals. Don’t listen to anyone who thinks it just a “job” as you will get replaced if someone competes with you. Do something that you are so passionate about and build from that perspective. Build more about it and around it and speak and talk from that perspective. If you are lazy and unmotivated now, just realize that when you get to 40 years old you have to build character and dimensions to you beyond the money and fun lifestyle. It is because you are half way done your life and feel old and rushed and you will need to change. In order to get a wife, you must do something worthwhile to have your health and have “a life”. Hard work at a stable job may not be worth the effort. It maybe but just put in another 5 years in your passion and see the knowledge and skills you develop. There is a huge learning step to be so well versed in your passion like you see as experts teaching at colleges and universities and private companies. That is just life here in Canada and the modern world. To get to that next level requires years and years for me. I kind of understand it now and slowly evolving to be an expert in my field, in life, as a Vietnamese person and as a worldly person. To connect with people is to talk about your passions.

Programming: There are units and then there is more – What I learned in programming at school was just mostly creating solutions to problems and displaying and have fun interacting with data better and streamlined. The basic unit of data like “classes” and database “records” was all that there was. The extra more is trying to have your take on making software address a larger issue that faces you and people like you. Digging deep into what you face personally is a great way to create something that reflects you. My first problem I faced was showing what is actually modified like showing the code to run or settings changed to the user for transparency and also learning. My next step personally maybe is to build better software that is more modern with better UI/UX like the looks of Windows 11 UI. I think that is a goal for mine into learning more about the users and understand them maybe. Or at least see and look at things looking modern in 2021 and beyond.

Life: At 39/40 years old – I think at this point in time in my life it is OK to just be “so thinking” as the social life of a young adults before is over and boring??? You are allowed to think about more issues beyond at this point because you are half dead LOL! You don’t have to think pure transactional 1:1 no more. It is so bad for me knowing that I am half dead. Now it is time to think more and fulfilling. You have to think happy too. It is OK to think playful thoughts to destress.

Life: You have to have something so specialized outside the human studies – I find that my family including extended and siblings that have no external, external goals in life like for example like mine are stressed and worried all the time. You have to think ajar and away from just human daily life to break away from the stressors of human problems and suffering. When you become so specialized in something so far out there where it can be almost so abstract that is a healthy and a good feeling that keeps you happy and elevated. The problems you solve that are so far out there actually solves the internal and direct problems you face. So the goal in life is to be highly specialized 100 miles in.

Life: It is actually a hard world for me – I am not sure but every time I go outside I kind of feel the social gradient. My brother and mom ignore it. I stay home 99% of the time thinking and trying to be better and not bitter.

Life: Slightly open – Some people and cultures are completely fierce to compete for capitalistic needs and resources at the forefront. I am pretty open minded and relaxed and have the tendency to think free most of the time. The pursuit of thinking so open helps with the need to be in control. It is space and freedom to play and think with ideas and thoughts to do things. But not at the forefront. Life can get so complicated that you need to take a rest to just observe and think and reflect and to critically think and decide and do.