Updates (February 2, 2024)

Life: 120% Passions – I am pretty sure now as a person born here in Canada you are supposed to study your passions 120% and continue. I tried figuring out how some people function in society and realize some are not doing what I am doing. They are really competitive and have an underlying mission that doesn’t push things to be exciting, fun and happy for me. Maybe it is because I am old and learned to not do what they do now. I am finally learning how to live in society now after finishing school. Meeting people here and there is making me realize it is about your passions and your natural personality. Now I will work on myself and enjoy myself and ignore young immature people. My older brother understands this because he worked for many years and is doing what he loves and grows. I am finally learning this now. Took me 20 years. I needed to study what I wanted and needed to then finally socialize and grow. I needed that foundation first in my normal studies. Now I understand why I had so much trouble in society for the past 26 years. From other people’s perspective, I wasn’t allowed education in what I wanted and needed. Seems everyone has this problem in some way or form. Everyone needs to study what they want and from there grow into specialized skilled human beings in their passions without the trouble of institution barriers/ceilings and other people. The goal is to be so skilled and passionate in your abilities like back in the old days. Not be superficial and not based on race and culture.

Culture: It is really about talents – You have to as a colored person show your internal talents really. The outside skin and flesh means not much. That is the reality I realize more and more each day after finishing school. You have to completely ignore the other people who say otherwise. It took me many years to realize that what you create and do after said and done will make its mark in the world. That is doing your mental activities really. Some other people’s cultures do not support the liberal Western way 100%. I think that is the only way to live with full health and growth. Are you compatible with this?

Culture: Work is all there is – In some cultures, the work is all there is. I have to think about this some more.

Life: Did what I did was worth it? – Yes. Instead of doing jobs I hated and not just getting professional careers for status, I did what I wanted deep down and earned some recognition without superficial pursuits and the money influence. Everyone knows this maybe is the right way. I pursued something I was passionate about and helped people (told my story and how I got here). Now I have a launch pad to see things and do things my way. This is very Western liberal way of doing things and not just transactional. It required 20 years of study from my way of thinking. I think everyone knows that you should just do what you like here in Canada and see how it forms. But people are scared of status and money. Well if you are born here I think you can take your route to build and do things with your perspective. If it conflicts with other people then that is their problem. Everyone is different and there are alternative ways to do things and approach things. I am new to this game. I am trying to see what works. Will my way and approach work in this society? Lets keep at this for a while at my pace. Learning more about education, everything is up for debate. It is not just the mainstream culture that has 100% all the points covered and understood. Lots of people think back in the 1600s of stereotyping and thinking still. Just grow and evolve and avoid them. They are stuck.