Updates (February 1, 2024)

Life: You are supposed to find a wife where you can grow with and help naturally without much stress

Life: Judged and stopped – In schools and in society, I sometime meet people who judge and I judge people myself. It is so wrong. If I think old then there is nothing to worry about and we live however we please and allow ourselves to have all the time we want. I will not engage with younger and immature people no more. Ughhhh …

Work: Can you live as a creative? – I am guessing creativeness is the pinnacle of life to show and tell to yourself and to the world. You can be a creative here in Canada right? There are people who do arts and live that way till death? Hmmmm … Be your own creative. There are people who are as creative as you and more so. Just associate with the trail blazers. I know a few creatives.

Work: You can be so business minded to live – Capitalism seems like the only thing that kind of makes sense. Work that commission sales job and make your $1 million and continue to make that money. That can be just your life to have that capitalistic lifestyle. The business work ethic to one day retire. Just capitalism. Is that wrong?

Life: Learning to socialize and live – After finishing school and reflecting for a bit, I have to realize I am not done. Life is to play, work and socialize everyday and enjoy too. But there are certain negative people who you should avoid completely until they grow up and change to understand diversity and not try to control everything and everybody. I have seen these type of people who control and want power at schools and some jobs. This is Canada and we need diversity for new ideas and opportunities. Not complete control and power of others. The only freeing thing is your own business distant from the pack.

Life: Am I a thinker – The social stuff is needed to learn and grow outside everyday. We all need that. We all need to grow as thinkers for control and good influence.

Life: It is getting to a point where it is thinking for life – You must work for life to have anything and have a family. Is it about passions? Is it about kissing up to the bosses? But working outside in mainstream society is just superficial … How can you cultivate multidimensional thinking and character?

School: Pursuit of education – Just the pursuit of education is the only noble thing in this world. Regardless of circumstances and personal problems and issues, education is the only thing that is the nicest life goal.

Life: Freedom of thought – You must be able to think and do things differently. You must have freedom to think openly and do things. That is life. You have to give choice. That is needed. This is a given. You must give room for discussion and open mindedness to enjoy and play with ideas and thoughts. What can come from it? Does anyone really know if given time and freedom what can be created? Any fun and creativeness? Or is it just a numbers game and capitalism?

School: Education is life now – It seems the only way for me or anyone similar to me is to pursue education. There must be a way to do what I do and do it in education. There is too much drama not to do education. Luckily I live in Canada and have access to education either in traditional schools and in life and online. I am just realizing now at my age after finishing my education that life in Canada and for me is to pursue education for life until I go. It takes a lifetime of support to do education and your family and parents must support that. It is a lifetime of struggle and possible fun.

Work: Creating your own designs – There are traditional ways of designing and creating solutions. What is different from everyday people is to actually go through and do the designs and creation of solutions. The years and years long work of learning and creating systems and designs is what makes people appreciate and grow and become humble knowing it takes time and trial and error. After all this when you are older, you do your own designs that differs from traditional and logical pathways. You have to keep creating your own designs and see what arises from whatever is out there on the market to make it work and viable. That means understand all the algorithms and designs out there already.

Life: Grow mature and keep an open supportive mind to grow and allow growth around you – If you are given a hard start on life, you must mature so fast to allow yourself and others to grow in this modern age. That will allow you to grow at ease with a open heart and mind.

Life: I am talking about growth and life – It took me 20 years to just study my wants and needs. I wanted understanding of biology, chemistry and programming. That took me half my life. Now at 39 years old I am learning about life and society. I finally have time to sit and think about how to grow and interact with my surroundings to do something. Now it looks like I have to flip the table and accept that it is just education for life. I thought after 20 years it would be be simple and just get a job but it is an actual effort to continue to study the maths and sciences and people to be able to have a life you want and value.

Life: Simple life and a life in Canada – It does take an entire lifetime of study to reach that level of thinking to apply yourself beyond the superficial and basic chemistry in life. I always knew I had something wrong with my thinking when I was young. I was thinking too simple and 2 dimensional in my daily interactions. Life requires the very high abstract thinking and your own creativeness to show that you have independence and a voice in this world. When you can stand in any society and say what you have accomplished in doing then you can relax. Being always 2 dimensional and superficial won’t allow you to grow in modern day society no more and it will wreck havoc on your life long term. As a colored minority person, thinking superficial doesn’t help me. The world is getting more colored but you must think liberal so far out there at its maximum to feel good.

Life: The problem I have found in life – The problem that I found is that many people don’t understand that there is education and that there is more education. You can get your degree and professional degree but to go further to have a life that is manageable and easier is to have your own views and real world products and somehow understand that and manipulate that. You must somehow hold that control. If you have that your life is good. I used to think life is just to get a degree and work the same job for 40 years but no. It can be more and better.

Life: My parents and siblings do not have this – Instead of just making money by working sales jobs there is the actual learning of maths. The grit and work of learning logic and maths for years and implementation of it, will give you realistic expectations. Once you can execute things by yourself without the aid of others then you are golden. Understanding the actual workload of trying to be a builder is the actual work. You must go through the schooling and work to do anything and then can appreciate the work and everything about it and life itself. To understand how things are built and do it is what is important.

Life: The past – In order to appreciate life, you can look upon the past inventions and try to build something to add. If an invention you look at is so complex and you can not have the mind to build it then that is something you can learn.

Life: You got to go at your pace for fun and to cultivate your own personality – We live in an era where people are expected to be working 24/7. That is unreasonable. I can not work at a tech company. It would make me so stressed trying to code something with deadlines. I think you have to be yourself to be healthy. But again you meet those young and immature people who think life is just working to the bone and then you meet those people who think there is only one type of field that is important … You must expect life to be diverse and fun at your pace especially if you are born here in Canada where you can do what you like really. My mother born me with a computer background. I will see how I approach things my way. If people you meet are so close minded about differences then you got to leave them. They will eventually see that there is such thing as differences in ways of life and thought.

Life: Reflection – Is there a real gradient? What do I expect? I guess if I really look at thing realistically, I expect a lot of myself and others. Is that realistic? Hmmmm …

Life: Expectations – Everyone expects education really. For the mainstream majority it is social intelligence with all the other intelligences doing the Western way. While for me it is mainly doing things my way because I am not part of the mainstream culture. But at the end it is still education. Everyone has to grow and the people who stop you and judge you, you must avoid. You can not negotiate with them I found.

Culture: Vietnamese in 2024 – I guess I got to do things my way and evolve as I am new at this and what I am doing as a Vietnamese may not be expected by the mainstream. I will listen to my mom and continue to do my own thing. Doing my own thing brings me so much fulfillment. Everyone is unique and everyone should show their voice and talents. I just got to do things my way and see what more can come from it. If I just ignore everyone and concentrate on myself, everything feels and goes good.

School: You have to do school and believe in yourself to attain the highest degrees – You have to attain those degrees really. I think in Canada you got to to have anything here and to live and work here. It can be difficult but you have to believe this is the only way to live a good life here in Canada. Have that degree to teach at least. Mainstream media and culture say it is is better to do your own thing and work outside. It is true and untrue. Why not both. You get to that point in life where both are possible. Maybe after you have worked in society try applying yourself in school.

Life: You got to break all odds and stereotypes – You just got to go breaking everything to feel good and have value and self esteem. People actually respect that you do really. Especially the mainstream culture kind of expect this and want to see this. Other cultures may not … You got to ignore the other cultures really because you are in a bad position if they demean you in anyway or stop you. They want you in a bad position. I know this exists and I choose to ignore and do my own thing. You basically got to do your own thing. If you don’t it could be bad. You get treated like a pawn.

Life: You have to change your mindset – It is good to accept the fun ups and downs of life but in the back of your mind, you must accept growing and learning (education) is life. Some couples reach their 40s to start a family. I think that is what I should expect from now on. It is when you have the means to support yourself and also have control, you then should have a family I think.