Updates (January 31, 2024)

Life: At 40 years old – At 40 years old you realize the following:

  • No one really stopped you from doing what you wanted to do. Words and people controlling you don’t exist at 40 years old. You actually do what you were destined to do now at 40 as you are old now. Old now, you stopped caring what people think of you because you look old and are now in the old category of people and are all alone with yourself and your thoughts with other old people with their thoughts.
  • School did not teach you anything really. You always had your dreams and pursuits beyond the superficial when focused and zoned in. Old now, your skin and face don’t mean much. It is all about your skills you really acquired over the years.
  • Going outside in public doesn’t do much for you anymore. Your brain, if you cultivated it properly, is now a machine to think beyond the superficial. How far can the mind go?
  • Some subjects like computer programming required teamwork and help. You needed to go to a nice helpful school to learn from the experts for computer programming.
  • What does a person really do during their time alone tells a lot about a person. Without friends, colleagues and family, what does a person do?
  • Programming is an actual next level skill. Beyond the psychology, biology and chemistry, I think to up your game to the next level is to do programming which will require more thinking beyond. It took me decades to think in programming terms like 25+ years from 1998 till 2024. It was such a big learning curve for me. Took 25+ years but was a needed skill to rise beyond the in-your-face brutal reality of society. Took the last 4 years doing it regularly to really do it when I only like it 40% of the time. Now I can do it now without much fuss.
  • Never listen to negative people. Just don’t waste your time to listen to people who are negative really. At 40 years old, you don’t have time to listen to anyone negative as it physically hurts to hear negativity. This is what happens to me when I hear negative people. I believe everyone can change to be more positive or at least they can keep busy to stay positive. There are different types of thinking to challenge yourself to think differently in which it will help you think more positive. This will take time. I hope everyone who is sick thinking negative can change for better health and a better life.
  • The classism and bias you face out in society can be eliminated once you get older. You just stay at home more minding your own business and doing what you want without other people bothering you. You literally just stay at home disregarding your surroundings. You are just your thoughts at 40.
  • There is actual negative bias people in the world. Just avoid them and don’t take what they say or think to the heart. The way you think right now is worth something. It should be worth something to you at least. Just cultivate your thinking and see where it takes you. The general mainstream media doesn’t define everything. Other peoples cultures don’t define everything. Alternative viewpoints can create different results worth considering. Just keep pushing. It might take decades to see results. Just avoid these negative people who are so blinded and full of themselves that they might miss opportunities to see the whole picture in 360 degrees. If you can not avoid them, then remove yourself from the situation and start something of your own. It is risky but it is worth it. I did it. Nothing to worry about while here in Canada. The negative people can not do anything to you because you are onto something that is unique to you and is your own.
  • Schools and established companies don’t define everything really. You should know this. You don’t have to listen to negative controlling people at work and at school. Just do your own thing.
  • I am probably the oldest Vietnamese born in Canada who went down this long, long path of mine. It is new and breaks stereotypes. That is what you should be doing too. Ignore the naysayers completely. Just chill with your same frequency friends or chill by yourself as you reached old age and maturity.
  • You can completely ignore young people really. They are too mainstream and think stereotypically. Just ignore them and do your thing.
  • By now at 40 years old, you should have something as a result of doing your own thing. At 35 I knew I was living the wrong life dictated by mainstream culture and then worked on myself. Finally at 37 created stuff that reflected me. Now that I have something that represented me I felt OK out in society. I did not accept mainstream culture no more and grew to become independent. And grew to be more independent. Now I just sit at home doing my own thing. You become separate from the mainstream media and news that you just become an old person with just your own activities and thoughts. I think it is also part biology that you get old and then start being different and disconnecting.
  • Society is very, very 2 dimensional. The more skills you have and different ways of thinking adds more dimensions. That is the goal in life to breathe and have a say and rise above and avoid stress. Add to your thinking more ways of thinking and perspectives and grow in many, many, many dimensions. Keep growing more and more. More thinking. More perspectives. More dimensions. That is the only way to avoid brutal society and ill health. You have to be more dimensional than other people to push your opinion.

Life: Programming for me – Programming is a lifestyle. It is a very healthy one that allows you to think more but importantly different from the mainstream. If you keep at it then you see things differently and rise above the everyday thinking to have comfort and satisfaction that you think better. When you can think better (higher, different, logically) then you have your own life separate from others which is satisfying. When you can have something of your own and are finally unique in your thoughts and being then you feel like complete.

Life: Programming at 40% – The problem with me is that I am not a full fledge programmer working day and night for a big company. I only like it 40% of the time. It is getting to a point where I can do it and it feels “kind of normal” but requires me to think and involve myself. Like I can hunker down and do it for myself but it requires zoning and hunkering and covering over and stretching and clouding over. Is that normal? It is getting better I suppose. Is it a lifestyle and life I want? Maybe it is. What are you supposed to do here in Canada?

Life: What are the options – When doing programming and living life, what is expected of you? I am pushing and struggling learning programming but I am also old and growing to be independent. This is like a whole life pushing effort. Requires almost all my attention to do this. Is it worth it to live differently like this? To just live in your head 99% of the time? It is to get away from negative society though.

Life: Programming here in Canada – Really programming is such a goal. It is a lifetime goal till death. What is expected of each and every person here in Canada if you are born here? Is it to live simply or go full throttle? I guess you can do what you want to have a joyful life. But I expect to live independently and have your say and your influence requires high level functioning thought and noble pursuits to show yourself and the world. Bring some value and show what you can do. You should do what you want independently for your health and voice without the negativity and without the negativity of others. The liberal Western way is the best way to live to live healthy.

Life: Life in Canada – How long does it take to become financially independent as a programmer who likes it 40%? I am guessing I have to push and push but it is taking so much effort and time. I guess it will be worth it as you are growing and learning internally. But should I take a job as something else like an IT admin/Tech and just program on the side? Can I live that lifestyle and feel content? Can I do this in Canada? Will I be happy?