Updates (January 30, 2024)

Life: Keep busy – Be so busy and always seeking knowledge to have that (1) Positivity (2) Busy lifestyle (3) Growth (4) Control (5) Health.

Life: It is always about your passions – To have that growth and maturity and control is to continue doing your passions.

Life: Don’t bother with people these days at your middle age – At the end of the day people will judge people badly regardless and no one really cares. So just take care of yourself by keep doing your passions. You should just keep at it like a lone wolf and be so entranced in it. You should be able to do everything alone and grow alone.

Life: About time to realize this – After school and everything, it is about doing things and being happy independent and alone.

Work: Keep putting out more and more product and updates – As an “old man” now, I am seen as knowledgeable with experience and talent and skills. I have to do 2 things: (1) Have lots of experience in many, many topics (2) Develop lots of things and show it. It must be a long history of products spanning decades.

Life: Life is about what you do being alone for me – My life is OK in society outside. But what do you do alone is most important without the interference and without people causing problems for you. What do you do in your alone time? That is what happens when you get older. As you get older you spend all day alone almost. At 40 years old you are half dead. At 40 you are on your last legs. What you do now must be valuable and important for yourself and society.

School: Forever learning – It is going to take a while and I have to accept it. Everyday is the same: constant learning and doing and struggle. Lots of struggle to do what I feel I want and need to feel good.