Updates (January 27, 2024)

Culture: Two identities as a Vietnamese-Canadian – After 35 years old as a Vietnamese-Canadian, you really want to grow beyond the stereotype. You really want to push and press on issues other than everyday things. After 35 you probably can do a few jobs without stress because of a few work experiences and life experiences. As a Vietnamese-Canadian with my other Vietnamese-Canadian friends we try to evolve and grow if we stick together. Well I am like the oldest Vietnamese-Canadian and it is more than just work because I live in Canada. I can grow in other ways given the opportunities here in Canada. I can sit there and address the issues that affect me holistically. That is the first part.

Life: How to grow more to reach Master status – After doing what irks you, you can do more high intense maths and problem solving. I guess that is great in all. Get into research and possibly real world solution providing and even cyber security and hacking. That is part of learning and growing and could be an excellent job and career and for life. But for me I really want to be Stefan Mischook: . He is really high level encompassing with that oversight into everything. He has his own teaching company. That is enough said. Maybe when I get another 10 years into the field I can hopefully get some of his wisdom and do something like what he is doing. Even if it is small for me that would be OK.

Culture: Canadian born – The coolest thing about being born in Canada is that really you can make life whatever you want. You can be so unique and just be cooking up something different and interesting for yourself and the entire country and world to see and taste. Just cook that special dish and even some gumbo. That is why it is nice to have citizenship here in Canada and for your children to be raised knowing that they have an opportunity to have a say (freedom of speech and action) and be as creative as they want. The opportunities are endless if you take hold of that thinking, mindset and act on it.

Work: Other fields – Cyber security and Hacking are fields that are absolutely amazing. Really cool things. I like the idea very much. So much power and knowledge in that. You can do so much I realize now with that mindset and skills.

Culture: Vietnamese Saigonese Productive – I have a friend who is from Saigon (Tan Vu). He helped me in my life. I owe him. He gave me the “Vietnamese Saigonese Productive” method of work ethic and frame of mind. Saigon is a bustling city and the residents there are hardworking. Whenever, I get too spaced out too much and want to accomplish something, I change my frame of mind to Tan Vu to finish. I am still Southern Vietnamese back in my brain/DNA. I can adapt to the Saigonese frame of mind to push and push. Saigon is in the south part of Vietnam.

Life: Now what – I told my story. It was fun and I think I helped some people. Now what is the next step and what can I do? You need to keep growing and learning. Try to learn from the experiences. It is interesting to keep growing and learning. Like do your passions and see how it leads to more growth, learning and experiences. Yeah you got to do your passions as that will drive things, drive all things. Doing your passions will give you comfort and control. That is all there is I think in the liberal Western way of doing things.

Work: The value of hard work and dreams – Achieving your dreams. I guess in my case it is more about passions than dreams??? Everything turned out OK when I did my passions more than wanting more I think.