Updates (January 26, 2024)

Work: You really got to go for the gut – Everything improved for me when I tried to do as much as I can to feel complete. Instead of listening to what society expected of me, I studied everything I wanted and did all the jobs that interested me. Don’t listen to naysayers or boxed in people. There are people out there that are open minded just like you or more. Some people you meet in your life could be 1 million percent open minded. Just associate with open minded people all day and avoid naysayers. I improved so much and now that I am content doing what I want in my own space and with my friends. You are supposed to improve constantly. Ignore the people who stay put and want you to stay in your lane. Naysayers will fall apart and grow old not even realizing even their full potential in mind and body. Don’t listen to them and keep growing with your friends. Naysayers will miss out and realize later in life they missed the opportunity to be open minded and grow. Schools don’t really teach you this. Only old age and maturing you realize this.

Life: Just enjoy Canada – Take the time to enjoy and get what you want. Fortunate to live in Canada to do this.

Work: What has programming helped – Now I know some programming, I want to see what I can do now with it. Also working and thinking with Ben Cybulski, I wonder what can I really do.

Life: What is the lifestyle that is most value and fulfilling – I think the people in the West that live true to their goals and wishes. I used to watch American movies that showed interesting characters that had interesting lives. They would dedicate their lives learning and living not conforming. They would create neat unique things that would fascinate the viewer and live unique lives. But what is it now when you are working with Ben? Can you do both? Live fulfilling your ideas and wishes while working with Ben’s ideas. I guess that is something different.

Life: Looking back – My life is pretty good. I don’t think I am moving the meter anywhere really, either up or down. After doing all the things I want I still act the same kind of. When I am with my friends, it feels open minded and positive. When I am alone I just keep trying to be busy to stay positive. I guess life depends on (1) Being busy (2) The people you hang out with. I guess I understand life now. Also growth …

Life: I can walk now – Life is just keeping busy and be surrounded by positive people. It took me 20 years to “feel” and reach this conclusion. Now what?

Life: I became the man I wanted – I became the man I wanted to become that when I was a child like 3 – 4 months ago. Now I am socializing and exploring and growing still a bit. I think there is more higher learning and thinking. Hmmmm …

Culture: The Westernized stereotypes – Born in and growing up learning about the bad Western theme stereotype projections doesn’t help my plight. In my particular situation, it is always that all day with certain people who beam negativity all day. Ughhhhh … Only some people I have met see good in everything or at least try to hold it a positive mindset. Hmmmm … I will just keep busy doing my own thing for the next while. I will just drink some nice coffee LOL.

Life: Growth as a Vietnamese-Canadian – There is growth of two identities. I will write more about this tomorrow.