Updates (January 24, 2024)

Life: Has been this always – Just doing what you want everyday is all you can do here in Canada if you are born here. Disregard anyone who disrupts or disagrees with this. You have to address your problems first. Overseas immigrants may not understand what I mean. You are given a silver spoon born here in Canada and you should definitely use it or else regret it for the rest of your life.

Life: Getting along with others – Some “other people” just say and do what they want and think trying to hold power and decide what people do, deserve and need because … They don’t understand perspectives and they don’t understand diversity in thinking. They are too young and have not changed to adopt an open mind. That is why I hate going out in public these days. Lots of young people not knowing what they are doing because they are too young. You are supposed to think out of the box and grow maturely. You can have diversity as long as it doesn’t impede other people’s plight.

Life: After a bit – I think people who are consumed by reading and consumed in books are the most interesting.

Life: You can actually have different interests – When I was younger I was interested in many things but it was general. Now as I am older and done school, I realize you can actually have very unique even odd interests because you have grown up and afforded the time to think and do other things. You are old now and mature and it does make a difference being so old. I was so busy for the past 2 decades and now I am enjoying myself doing things that I find interesting. You become an interesting character.

Life: Older smart – You get old and mature and realize while going out in public the type of people that changed to maturity. There are actually smart wise mature people that people see and respect and also expect at a certain age and maturity. The childish behaviour is overridden (but still there) with actual interesting stuff. I realized this after finishing school and taking time off and working with Ben Cybulski. There is something different at old age. There is time to relax and reflect.

Culture: I am the oldest Vietnamese born in Canada/West basically – I got to avoid some other people who think so bad and negative. They aren’t happy people deep down inside. Now that I have finished all my school and have some experience, I think I can change things around. I got to associate with good positive people. But I will do it differently. I guess all it took was to finish school and relax a bit. That was my problem, I had to finish school first and relax for a year.

Work: Just learn it and do it – Some people say doing what I am doing is worthless like my father and sister. All the things I am doing is free right now so I can grow without worrying about money. Thinking about profits/money can harm development and use huge chunks of time. My dad thought it would be better to do a professional job for security. But that doesn’t help the growing and experimenting side of life and human curiosity and drive for me. I did all these things to grow and grow in many ways. That is a problem with some parents and siblings and young people. If you are born in Canada you should grow 360 degrees and more and not just do studies for work which is linear and boxed in. This is Canada and I think people expect something interesting … That is the expectation from good teachers. I met quite a few great teachers growing up and they expected stuff beyond the ordinary. You should also expect it from yourself at times. It is tiring to do more than one thing. If you meet people who are boxed in and want to decide your future, just avoid them entirely. This is a free world and they can’t understand what is true freedom.

School: You are supposed to just learn – You are supposed to learn and learn and learn. It allows you to grow, be open and nice and expand. The most important thing about learning is that it is not about money and career and jobs. I see people who love to learn are more able and have that character about them that is free and open minded. They breeze through life doing what they want and people are OK with it. I grew up very Western and just wanted to consume media, eat and play. I need to change my mindset to learn. Maybe all I can do is learn what I like??? Is programming the only thing I like??? Is that good or bad? Is it all we need? Is it all I need?

Life: I am turning 40 years old but – I am turning 40 years old this year but look younger. I kind of knew what to do to maintain good health and that was to avoid drama, avoid superficial relationships and some people and keep working on my craft/passion. I know everyone knows this healthy solution in their heart … Also because I live in Canada and can get loans so I can continue to learn. That is so sweet. This is expected in Canada just to learn all day until you are so brainy and can do like 3 professional jobs. In public now I do look kind of old like around my young 30s and people have finally stopped bothering me and now are learning from me. Younger adults see that I am opinionated, old and doing well and try to learn from me instead of following the mainstream media of sex, drugs and rock and roll all day. The reality that people forget is to just focus on your passions and learning. Turn so inward that you get so interested in your passion and your passions and interests are so big and fulfilling that it is a forever long journey of adventure. Add creativeness too and working with people like Ben Cybulski and like minded people that you are always entranced in the “adventurous story” you have delved in. You should be lost in it forever.

Culture: Fix the bad stereotype – As a Vietnamese child right after the Vietnam War, I have to grow and develop well for myself to help myself and fix the bad stereotypes. “Other people” don’t want to see this. I met so many naysayers and negative people all my life that did not welcome my plight of fixing and rebuilding Vietnamese bad stereotypes and growing. There was an actual learning curve for me to realize how to learn forever which wasn’t taught to me. I had the help of Tan Vu (John) to teach me it. He taught resilience, grit and the true Vietnamese human spirit and mindset. He is from Vietnam and doesn’t give up. When I feel lost I get into his mindset he taught me. I am 40 years old this year and I hope I made a difference so far. I have ignored my naysayers. My social media friends lists are people that support me. Everyone needs to grow and self-actualize. That is the whole point of life. It is a combination of race, culture, skills, knowledge and experience to reach for better. I am addressing the childhood trauma I endured being treated badly as a Vietnamese by doing this and to grow for my own sake and fun. I easily can avoid the bad treatment by just doing what I like everyday and work with my friends.

Life: How to avoid crisis – Just avoid superficial things.