Updates (January 23, 2024)

Life: Release yourself – I figured that to release yourself, you must let people know they can have forward thinking that pushes the mind and body to become better. Better looks, better health and better energy. Always forward and in a state of change.

Work: It is about forward thinking work – Working with Ben Cybulski may solve my problems. So forward future thinking will avoid the trap of thinking negative and stagnant thinking that I have. Any inferiority and secondary status is removed when working with forward like minded people.

Culture: Vietnamese-Canadian thinking – As a Vietnamese born in Canada, I was told how to think and told how to feel in society. It sucked so whatever now. Too old to care what people think now LOL.

Work: How to actually live here in Canada as a Vietnamese-Canadian – Sometimes I go shopping and meet other Asians born here in Canada and they live true to the Canadian way. They have a personality and ego that isn’t about being Asian. They have dreams and passions that are uniquely theirs. I know that is the right way kind of. I tried pushing both ways. I tried to attain higher education and thinking to rise above my current thinking and it helped. I guess you can try to do both. A mix.