Updates (January 22, 2024)

Life: After socializing with Vietnamese-Canadians – After socializing with Vietnamese-Canadians a lot, I realize it is really about your interests and work. Talking to other groups and interacting with others, the focus is off kind of. Like it is needed to learn about the world around you to reflect, work off of, compare and learn from. Talking to Vietnamese-Canadians we have an understanding of each other and the next stuff we can talk about and share to drive our day and life is our interests and work. What we say and produce maybe from our experiences throughout life trying to make sense of our life experiences and to feel good and solve the problems we faced interacting with people and the world. Working with other groups, the expectations are flat and bottom line stereotypical. We can just slot in there and take the stereotypical expectations of us but to be real, mature and genuine we must solve the imbalance with what we produce and say. The more I interact with Vietnamese-Canadians I can sort through the feelings of this imbalance. But also working with other groups I can create solutions to change things for myself for the better when I encounter imbalance knowing and seeing it is there. Some groups just want you to just accept the baseline stereotypes which doesn’t help fix the imbalance. You should not accept that and should avoid such environments and avoid such people.

Culture: I am the oldest Vietnamese born in the West – I went through 39 years of trials and tribulations and discovery. I grew up learning that only my interests and work mattered to have a good life here in Canada. That is what the many elementary school teachers told me when I was young in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. All I have are my interests and work as a colored person to make me feel good about myself in the West. I tried to understand other cultures and lifestyles which opened up my mind and learned from but always come back doing my interests all day because the Western way was always the most fulfilling way to live. That means learning about computers, technology and pushing the boundaries of doing things. Like for example creating the type of software I create from the lifetime of good and bad experiences. It took many, many years to get to this conclusion as I was always trying to live a more ‘cultured’ life but knowing I wanted a Western way of life. At the end it is the Western Liberal way doing things that is so comforting knowing that you made an impact.

Life: Choosing a life here in Canada – I always knew the ‘Vietnamese-Canadian way of life’ from my perspective was the right way when I was young. That means doing your interests and hobbies like a Canadian without a care of making tons of money and getting status. I see this theme in Western movies and books. Western people just solely focus on their craft while understanding the ever changing world around them. They voice their opinion and make the injustices they face heard and known and make an impact. I knew this was the way to solve and show something of value and merit. Every Vietnamese person born in Canada knows this I think. We have that thinking and perspective not like Vietnamese from overseas I think. Some of us just accept the version of Vietnamese that other people tell us but that doesn’t help solve issues of the bad and uncomfortable feelings being treated stereotypically from a Western perspective or from others. I like computers, art and programming. Finally, I did software that reflected me from the not very good experiences I got in my life. You have to address the imbalance or else you don’t get your fill and say and solve the imbalance. That is why I can not relate to Vietnamese from overseas because they don’t understand the mistreatment from my perspective and do not have the solutions for me to utilize to solve them. They can not understand maybe. Also other groups do not understand and treat you not good for their ego as they are also another colored person in the matrix.

Life: Choosing a wife – I am 99.9999% sure only Vietnamese women born in Canada I can get along with now. I have issues that they only understand. I am talking to Vietnamese women born in Canada now.

Work: How to create your software – How to address your issues? How to create something that is very much your own way of saying “Hello!” to the world? As a Vietnamese born in Canada, I do have my own way of thinking that is the consequence of dealing with all the sorts of people growing up here in Canada. Some of the tweaking software that we produce teaches users what the code looks like which is then run to tweak and modify. The hybrid software that is part educational software and part modding software is the result of the lack of help I got over the years trying to learn programming in institutions. I have to address this or I don’t feel complete and it won’t be ever addressed. I have to address my plight. I think everyone has a plight. What is yours? You have to figure a way to address it.

Work: Can you really go about doing whatever you want if you are born in the West – If you are born in the West can you really do things normally without feeling like something isn’t right and justified? The way people perceive you is bad since birth LOL. The stereotypes that plague my people is bad. I see lots of Vietnamese just accept the treatment which is no good. As I am the oldest Vietnamese born here in Canada, I have to grow, change and study as a man and help others. No questions asked. I am so old now and things just change and you don’t act like a young person no more. Anyone who denies this is bad and young and immature. It takes a lot of maturity and accepting this mature stance to focus only on the good things in life. The way I look doesn’t help really help in the broadest sense. At this age things change regardless of what people think and do and ask of me. Life is complex and all the feelings of ego and bias is just normal everyday occurrences that fills us up and passes out meaninglessly at old age. Living in Canada we can do what we can. Things just get old and mature. I am 40 years old this year and I just changed and stopped caring for mainstream treatment. I can focus on showing my people we can change as I am the oldest and have changed.

Culture: After finishing school and reflecting – After I finished school and studied some more, I realize people are just in levels of maturity. That is all. When you get old as me (39 years) you just see people in levels of maturity. At 40 years old you know what is proper and improper and only associate with people who are as nice as you and on your wavelength.

Life: People – At 40 years old you stop caring about everyday things. You reached old age now and outside people bother you. If you don’t block out the unnecessary problems then you won’t have time to care for yourself. You are too old to bother really and find time doing things to maintain your health.