Updates (January 21, 2024)

Culture: Learning about the world and socializing – I am finally learning from Vietnamese here in Canada, both born here and from Vietnam. I think I figured it out finally. Most of us just mind our own business and think very isolated and independent the Vietnamese way. It is not big group socializing and not big communities. We live the isolated life and don’t believe in group mentality really. Each of us are really different. We try to be really different and unique ourselves. We are thinking so independent enjoying ourselves in our thoughts in our world and thinking pursuits if we can. I see this in Canada a lot. I am Vietnamese in my core and my belief is neutral. I am a neutral island working with anyone else if I can find neutral goals. If I think the Vietnamese way, it is a perspective that can be different and may have some value. Let’s see where it takes further thinking Vietnamese.

Culture: The Vietnamese way – I find myself always trying to work with other people’s culture and it does not work. The Vietnamese way at my core is the only way I think I can function or just neutral. I can not really work with other people who think in other group mentality. The energy is off working with others.

Work: Working on yourself – I learned if you want to improve and break labels and stereotypes, you must break all power structures and current social beliefs and current knowledge found in the world about your people. I am a Vietnamese man who has be labelled poorly by the media since the Vietnamese War. I got tired of just being labelled and put in a category working in the general public in retail for example. So I started pursing computer programming (my last interest) and just doing it all day for almost 4 years working with Ben Cybulski and other like minded individuals. I guess when you actually pursue your interests which you liked when you were younger and ignoring general mainstream society then things improve 300% for you. If you are having a hard time out in negative society being labelled, really go full throttle in your interests and see what will happen in 4 years. My looks and social presence improved 300%. I think, look and act different from mainstream society general expectations. I avoid my naysayers completely and don’t act like the bad stereotype no more as I am fully invested in my interests. Also, I don’t go out in public all day where it is just constant negative stereotype labelling of everyone by everyone. I just chill with my Vietnamese-Canadian friends and like minded individuals to get away from the overarching mainstream negative treatment of minorities like mine. Also you have to continue to pursue your interests and keep busy with like minded individuals to maintain this and also improve. Work with like minded people who keep pushing to avoid the trap of people labelling you and putting you down. Get away from negative toxic people!!! They have stagnated and not open their mind 360 degrees for change so that is why they label and judge others badly to a T. Don’t stagnant so you keep being positive and open minded. Don’t let people stop you and therefore stagnant you and make you feel bad. People forget that it is a free world. Do what you like in your own place. Don’t let anyone control you or influence you because they are bad control freaks with egos. They are negative and have stagnated so they are stuck being negative and labelling. I am old now so I have to grow mature and avoid acting like a young adult. But in general public and in institutions (schools, healthcare and retail jobs), I am just dealing with people who have mostly relaxed and stagnated and just filled in their job description holding onto old stereotypes in that they label and categorize everyone poorly at the baseline. That is why when people get old they avoid being in public because young people and people that work in public just do their job labelling people at the baseline and label based on age (ageism). Some people are so immature that they have not learned to take the steps to open their mind so they label people bad for their benefit/ego. Once you get invested heavily enough in your interests then you see people more complex with more dimensions and it is hard to label anyone anymore. Just working a job and living day-to-day you just accept the general bad stereotypes of race and age which the media puts out to categorize everyone hierarchal for their benefit. Please work on yourself to break away to improve yourself for yourself ignoring bad toxic stagnant people. I have met tons of toxic people. I just avoid them and just work with my progressive positive team all day. Find your team and work with them for life to avoid bad negative stagnant people. When you focus on your interests solely, time just flies and you don’t feel the negativity from people. So I guess you have to focus on your interests AND avoid naysayers all day.

Work: Just do your interests I guess – At the end, I experienced a lot of naysayers and they are 99.99999999% usually from “other people” when doing my interests. My Vietnamese friends don’t judge me. I guess I need to work in my “groups” and like minded friends? Ughhhhhhhhh … I studied during the time where there was not a lot of other Vietnamese around … Hmmm … And there is still not a lot of Vietnamese people around in my area … Hmmm … My Vietnamese group lets me do what I want …

Life: How to go above and beyond in society – I worked really hard for the past 4 years doing my interests and zoning out and working with my friends Ben Cybulski and Dmitry Nefedov. We pushed and pushed and gave away free software. I also did school and socialized in general public seeing the results of my work and education. I got treated a lot better now generally and look better and my aura is now more enticing. That is the trick. To improve all aspects of your life push to see what your heart desires, push out the stereotypes, learn more and see more beyond the horizon. Importantly remove yourself from the presence of naysayers and groups that are negative towards you and groups that have stagnant thinking. Remember you are developing yourself, you are developing your culture for the modern world. Remove yourself from places and situations that are stuck thinking bad stereotypes of others from the 1600’s. Those people aren’t very helpful … So remove yourself from the bad situation and work on yourself for yourself and find people who you vibe with. The reality is everyone should work on themselves pushing the boundaries of the mind and body so they become more and see more. It improves all parts of you. You need this when you are old. I think everyone knows this deep down … but life gets to you and you start thinking you can’t and become negative and negative towards others. I am not sure if “help gurus” talked like this.

Life: Understanding relationships – The wife talks to you good, bad and everyday conversations without causing any alarm while supporting you until death. Always positive and playful. The wife and husband should be able to think and do everything they want. Like they actually think they can do everything as they believe in each other and think they have the skills and intelligence to do it or learn to do it together. No relying on others. They don’t think negatively of each other. They think each other are superstars deep down. Same frequency. And that is maturity. I thought of this back in elementary school. Husband and wife actually do believe in each other so much that anything is possible. Never a negative day.

Work: Steve Huynh – Steve is a great example for me: . He is very independent and is old as me. I talked about him before. It looks like he is very productive and a workaholic. He is very focused on his craft. I will do the same. At the end of the day, all I have are my interests to support myself. Working on your interests just makes sense in the hectic negative world. I guess it will take very long to get to his level of expertise. I will take the time to do things like him. I was always rushing to do something like work at a big company for the status. But nah. I will take my time and enjoy my life here in Canada. I can. I can not care for anything else. I need to support myself and my interests. Again it is the thing that only makes sense in the West.