Updates (January 20, 2024)

Work: Satisfy everyone – Life is a combination of thinking normally sometimes with open mindedness at the same time like (50 normal : 50 open-mindedness). Thinking so one-sided all the time there are no possible new things that can arise. One-sided thinking will not provide solutions to satisfy everyone. That is why you are supposed to work on a team where there are no cultural and no racial biases. Out in society there might be some bias where you have to adhere but with your friends there shouldn’t be any bias if you want to hear and value everyone equally and to grow together beyond what is expected and become healthy and respectable. I am learning more and more as I get older that to hold a healthy mindset and to respect everyone is not to be skewed in any shape or form. It has gotten to that point in my life where to hold a healthy mindset is to be neutral and observant. When I zone out programming I am neutral. The act of programming is very neutral. Programming is a lifestyle I believe and it helps me do the things I want and live the way I want and become more neutral or stay neutral which is great.

Culture: Just socialize with more Vietnamese-Canadians – As a really old man now finally done school, I am heading out into real world society day-to-day and meet people who are biased thinking one way … Yeah, yeah, yeah … It doesn’t help LOL. I am going to socialize with more like-minded people and that means more Vietnamese-Canadians (Vietnamese born in Canada) I think. I can not be happy and grow with the biased treatment I get LOL. I am old and you must grow mature, be open minded to relax and feel healthy and become at home with yourself and also create new thoughts and feelings. You must have freedom and not be controlled to open your mind just to relax at least. That is the part of growing old. It is no longer dictated by young adults and mainstream society. Trying to socialize and work with not opened minded immature people makes you stuck. Ughhhhh … Vietnamese born in Canada don’t judge me and they understand everything I say and do. I guess the problem is not me in the broader picture??? I just started socializing with Vietnamese-Canadians back in 2021 after finishing some school. I finally had growth and traction when working with like-minded individuals and Vietnamese-Canadians.

Culture: Vietnamese-Americans – How are Vietnamese born in America? I tried connecting with some but I feel they live different lives than me. Vietnamese-Americans I think really live the American way. It is all consumerism. Vietnamese-Americans I think try to mold themselves to sell sell sell. Some fit the capitalistic way perfectly. They produce products and services for the whole world to consume. I am Vietnamese-Canadian. I was born here in Canada. I feel different personally and my trajectory is different I think born in Canada. It is slower but the overall goals are still the same as America deep down. I would like to make money like Americans do but I feel … Hmmm … how? I am guessing it will take a lot of more education, learning and experiences. Sometimes I feel capitalistic and sometimes not …

School: Mistreatment and support – I learned out in society after the mistreatment I endured over the years, you have to ignore the toxic and possibly negative people and just take care of yourself. You have to or you don’t grow. You must grow. You must solely support yourself as no one else will. Detach from everything and just take the time to do the things you love and are passionate about and surely things will grow for you. Cut off the toxic people. It is a free world so don’t get attached to anyone who is not supporting you. You have to grow and grow to mature and self-actualize independently and uniquely with your own growing voice to develop something unique that is you. It is the human drive to be unique and valuable. Disregard anyone who says otherwise. You can not be controlled. If you are controlled you won’t grow and feel stuck. You will be a childlike forever if you are controlled or heavily influenced by others. That will make you sick and become a wreck.