Updates (January 19, 2024)

Why? I keep doing the things and growing because of the following reasons

Life: You have to really do what you can for yourself to satisfy all parties – It is a judgement world mainly. Outside in the world, there are certain type of people that will judge you based on your output. Some people just base it on your race and nationality. Some people base it on your looks. Some people will base it on your kindness and aura and the way you interact naturally with everybody. For me I had to do what I liked first and create output that reflected me to satisfy all parties. It worked. You have to establish what you want to feel concrete in this world. Do what you like. But I think there is an element of human desire and competitiveness and wanting to know more naturally. That can be eliminated and minimized as long as you just work with your friends on the same frequency and think happy. If you continue to work on yourself alone and sometimes with your friends, everything improves. Your looks, your energy, your health, your drive, your spirit and your presence and “out of presence”. But again work with the same frequency friends.

Life: Climbing – I have a problem where sometimes I think I had my fill and want to just relax and do simple things and have fun all the time. But after relaxing and enjoying life for awhile, I am no longer happy. I had this problem in high school. I act childish. I still have this problem it seems. I guess I am still a kid at heart. Isn’t everyone? My siblings are not as childish as me at the childish baseline. I am always looking for fun things to do. After feeling bad acting childish all the time, the solution is to keep busy, busy. Ughhh … lol