Updates (January 18, 2024)

Life: I am like the oldest Vietnamese-Canadian – While studying my education degree I was taught to criticize everything. Everything is open to discussion and dissection. Every idea, philosophy and theory can be freely discussed. As a old man now, I can look at things from many perspectives and decide which idea that can give me the way to create good things for me. I need to support myself and to do that I need to behave and think in a way that I create things for myself. Basically you have to think different and for yourself to feed yourself so you are full. It has to be different.

Life: Games – I think the most interesting thing a person can do is make a game. I play ‘Wordle‘ and it is really fun. To be able to create games that are played worldwide is probably the neatest thing. Giving the opportunity to just play.

Life: Being able to grow – I am old and hit a point where what I observe daily in the media isn’t so surprising. My dad keeps reading books and learns in his 70s and pushes me to continue thinking and learning forever. This way he says he can understand everything better and keep his mind sharp and keep himself happy and healthy. Without my dad’s constant push and presence, I would not be constantly doing things. I challenge my dad and his perspectives and his new perspectives as he grows himself. One way that I have won sometimes is to pursue computer programming which I liked and wanted to do really. By being logical and structured, and building a foundation and also doing something different than what was on the market, I impressed him somewhat. Having a father figure who is constantly learning and also there helped me continue to do more and achieve more. The family unit is very important. You don’t need to impress other outside people but your family really. Your parents are like 20-40 years older than you so all you really have to do is try to impress them because they usually are more mature and more understanding and more worldly than your peers or teachers most of the times. Your parents should have better moral guidance. It is like trying to tailor your goals to be universal, good and applicable to the entire world while impressing your parents and family.

Culture: You should try to impress the majority – It is important you look out for yourself first and put yourself in the forefront because no one can really care of you and themselves at the same time. I have met so many people in my life here in Canada that put their needs ahead of mine. I did that for so many years being a backdrop and it stunted my growth so badly. After I realized I was so lagging behind just being a stepping stone for everyone I met, I slowly understood liberal thinking and progression. First I started learning what I liked which was computers, then writing about them, then some creative writing and arts, solving common problems, solving bigger problems, then collaborating and creating pretty different team solutions. After doing the last thing I felt confident and pretty complete being liberal and having something for myself to stand by and show.

Culture: Living in Canada – After school and working a lot of different jobs is needed I think. But after a while you realize you could be doing more. What kind of more is very interesting. After you do more and see what is created on the market in their various variations, you kind of stagnant and then wonder. In a first world country like Canada, this opportunity to sit and wonder is such an opportunity. I took upon that opportunity. Now I feel good most of the time and healthy. I gained work, experiences and now developed more skills to do things. Being able to turn inward and cultivate more skills to think wider, farther and deeper. Ben told me to keep going and turn inward and see where it takes you. He told me this 4 years ago. But again, can we all appreciate and take the advice of Ben? Maybe this resource blog is becoming the steps to learn and grow with the aid of Ben Cybulski.