Updates (January 17, 2024)

Culture: Seeing things my parents way – I am learning about my homeland culture. I lived the Western experience and kind of understand the Vietnamese-Canadian experience. I am still learning … Somethings feel concrete. It feels conflicting to live and grow outside Vietnamese culture and also out of the Vietnamese-Canadian community in Toronto. I need to understand all of this more. All I am doing is working with Canadians all day and not growing anything ‘Vietnamese’ that I feel I need to feel balanced. It is just work. Ughhhhh … I guess I need to talk to Vietnamese-Westerners all day to grow years of experiences to reflect and fall back on.

Work: Embody it – I think if you fully embody doing and being someone different all day and everyday, then you get something different at the end.

Work: Work only with people who don’t see race and culture as themes – I have two friends out here in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada that don’t see race and culture as themes in life and work. Previously, I was always constantly trying to work with people in all different sorts of institutions over the years but at the end met issues with race and culture as limiting factors. I will just continue to work with my two friends who don’t care about race and culture. Everyone needs to self-actualize and then keep growing for life and as you get old to keep growing in all sorts of different ways. Race and culture should be objective components.

Life: All this is a part of growing up – I guess as an older person now, everything I do and say is a part of growing. My parents just let me grow and go through the emotions and experiences. Yup. I guess that is life. Grow and grow until you are a wise independent person. There is nothing wrong. All just experiences until you become independent.