Updates (January 15, 2024)

Life: You really have to pursue your passions – As a Vietnamese man or just as a person, I do think I think different from others. I am talking to other Vietnamese-Westerners and we all act the same really. Back when I was growing up, I did not have other Vietnamese-Westerners to socialize with. The other peoples tried to project what they thought I should behave and act like as a Vietnamese growing up in Canada which did not help, help. You don’t self-actualize if you all day listen to people including your parents and siblings. After doing what I want all day for the past 3 years, I do have some goals I reached. I did not focus listening and following the mainstream culture and created something different that is tangible. That is what happens when you grow up and become independent minded and old. So don’t listen to anyone really and live your life. See where it takes you. If you focus on yourself and your friends then it gets 3-4 layers deeper and wider than what the general public think. That is what makes you different and stand on your own in the world. It helps greatly and makes you feel safe, calm and collected being someone who has developed and grown into your very own person that is multilayered that is more than the skin you are in. You become not defined by your race, culture and color as you get old. Your energy and aura becomes something different in the public space. I don’t think you should at this point (when you reach this) be always pushing your color, race and your nations culture onto others to control people. You have to rise above that 100x if you can. Doing my passions and allowing myself to be just creative I could do some of this and grow. But I needed to socialize and grow from all of my surroundings and interactions to learn and do all this and then separate into growing to be independent. Now I am doing something that I like which is also kind of modern. Everyone and everything is accounted for I guess. But be your own person. You have to support yourself.