Updates (January 14, 2024)

Life: Cyclic gradual growth and holistic improvement – That is all there is when you choose a life or born into the life of a programmer.

Life: Finally interested – Maturity is when you have grown up and are so interested in something instead of wasting all your time thinking about people and their issues and their problems. You become more fascinated on the second half of your life after 40 and it doesn’t involve people and doesn’t involve mainstream culture. You rise in education and things indirect. It does help you holistically in all aspects of life but your mind is basically elsewhere learning and growing because you are old now. Outside but inside but still outside. You find something that you are head over heels want doing. I should be so passionate in something that I find myself always doing it, lost in it and following it beyond anything else in the world. “True passion” and “true curiosity” at this point in time. I am so old now in looks and done with people because you are half way gone now. I find myself no longer interested in the social interactions and pivot to other things … That is growing old and concentrated elsewhere. Focused on the positive and it helps you focus on you. I am mature now and need to grow and focus on myself for my individual health. I ain’t young no more. The problems that exist in the mainstream are normal “everyday problems” that everyone faces when young and usually can not be solved. What about trying to be super out there creative? How can you address that? Does that solve “the problem”? Does that solve the everyday problems? Does that solve the problem you are facing?

Work: Things I would love to excel in – I wrote a piece on StackOverflow contributors on Those people helping are probably at the pinnacle of skills in the world. They are not only skillful but they are also helping. That is the extremes of life here on this planet.

Culture: Being old with no wife and no kids yet – I am the first generation of Vietnamese born in Canada. I was so worried in growing skills and having a career that I forgot to relax and have a relationship. But I am also deeply interested in learning about the world and thinking “plastic”. I did not meet another woman on my wavelength yet really. Some women I met expected a house, car and a career from me at my age. The problem I am finding is trying to find a women who thinks life is progression and growth and good and not complain. I kind of met some. But my gut is not syncing with them. Trying to grow and experience more with them, I was met more negative stop statements and boxed in thinking. No one is thinking that plastic as me I guess so far. I learned to think pretty plastic when I was in grade 4 in the suburbs of Ajax, Ontario, Canada. I am socializing with some and growing, but some aren’t that plastic and drawn to thinking like me I think so far. Most still think in black and white, left and right, positive and negative. Ughhhhh …

Life: I see people differently now with my experience – I did not follow the normal way of growing up. I did not accept the life of just going to school and finding work after. I live in Canada and those things should not 100% matter as everyone has a different pathway they can pursue really here in Canada. There are loans and grants and “taking your time options” … After finishing school finally while doing my passions, I see out in public people living day-to-day, both young and middle age, focusing on superficial things and going the traditional route. I always thought there was more than this. And I found it I think. I am thinking different from the majority masses mostly. I am accepting that I am colored person (minority) and must think differently from Western projected stereotypes and other peoples to have anything of value for myself. I did not accept how young adults just fit in and conform to the Western way. As an old person now, I think I think differently and it is nothing wrong about living your life your way from all the bad interactions dealing with people out there in society. Seriously, everyone young and immature usually think in a box that is pretty small.

Culture: Interacting with Vietnamese people and culture – I am allowed to grow and say whatever I want with other Vietnamese and see the results of me voicing my ideas and concerns. Some other people won’t allow that … I guess I will not associated with other people who can not be open minded and grow from their stereotypical views. I believe I live in a free world.

Life: Older to independence – After getting some social traction, I realize it has gotten to a point of almost pure independence and solitude. That is the best way to live.

Life: What is the true lifestyle – I think one of the best lifestyles of an true independent man is to maybe become a teacher with your own school/center while doing your craft. You have to be out of the “system” away from the mainstream culture to cultivate independence and more singular clear thought.

Culture: More socializing with Vietnamese from Western countries – Socializing with more Vietnamese Westerners I can open my mind and say and think about all things both Vietnamese and Western. This allows me to grow and become more independent and flourish into my own.

School: Now that I have the experience and education – Now that I have real world accomplishments on top of school, I now think different from the mainstream. People see me older, mature and different from them in public. I am a middle-aged man so of course I look old LOL. But now I think different with my experiences. Younger people allow me to have my space in public. Finally! I don’t want to deal with the ‘jokester’ behaviour no more. It feels good and I am at a mature level. Good thing I am not in school no more dealing with the adolescent crowds who think on the surface and 0.01 cm deep. I did not see room for diversity in schools. Only on the outside in the real world doing your own thing, people have to drop all their stereotypes and walls and have to work with each other and try to hear each other out. At the end of the day, it is about real output in that is tangible apart from the mainstream culture that works in reality. Mainstream culture usually pushes away other different forms of thinking. You are supposed to be open minded and think 360 degrees and don’t side with one. That is what I learned in my online schooling in education.

Work: Programming is almost a superpower – . That is why I think and talk like this and am after this. I want a ‘superpower’??? I want something different? I want something different from the everyday? I never knew this quote until seeing it posted on Instagram from a fellow classmate who focuses on front-end development which is super creative and hard. Which is probably the most creative and hard thing in computers. Programming did not make sense without seeing this post from a front-end developer. Then I realized it is true. You are sitting in your room doing lifechanging things. Kind of like a oxymoron. It sounds bad sitting in front of your computer all day and is looked down upon by society as a nerdy thing but there is actual power and growth from it that can not be explained really. But I realize now it is explained like this. It is almost a superpower. The ultimate one. And it is addictive.

Life: You have to think your way – Keep thinking your way. It is unique and different. I hope it is. Let’s see where it takes you.