Updates (January 13, 2024)

Life: Support everyone – Once you get older, you just support intelligence wherever and whoever. Don’t support the people who cut down others. It comes a point where it is just the mind in creative and intelligent paths.

Culture: After awhile, there is only extremes – After you learn about your homeland culture, life is to do new and exciting things to push the envelope.

Life: Old and old and old – I am growing and learning to the mature old side of life. Everything is now skewed toward getting more mature and old and wise and accepting it. I learned that I have learned what I want and quite a bit of it. I worked quite a bit. I have a creative passion which is developing software system utilities. But the problem I have always been scared about is dynamic web development. Everything dealing with the web is so massive and broad. It could reach infinite as you can basically put everything on the web. You can possible think in terms of putting everything on the web and toying with it. Distant, direct and indirectly. I have been always scared of dynamic web development. If I attacked my fears of web development, it could keep me happy and glued learning and growing. I guess web development is the pinnacle point to focus on really that is long-term. I have to attack my problem or else I will be sick and stuck for the rest of my life. You can not think backwards, like before or like anyone else at this point of old age. Web development is a bigger issue that everyone faces. The ongoing development of the web is the equalizer. Everyone is invited and everyone can participate. For example, the things I do and create with my team can be all up in the web somehow. Not just on the local desktop.