Updates (January 10, 2024)

Work: Still it is a skill game – After everything, it is just your passions at the end and gaining skills. When I was young I was so entranced by what people were doing. But at the end it is what you do with your knowledge and skills to push and see how far things you can push. That is the only thing exciting. By pushing yourself far and far, you feel great learning and gaining skills and experiences. That is the most potent feeling you can get in life. Did you realize this? Has anyone said this to you? Have you really experienced this great feeling of pushing yourself so so far?

Culture: Oshawa is now diverse – When I was younger, I was so busy thinking about people. I was consumed of the idea of others and collective groups. I would always ask my dad to drive to ethnic enclaves on weekends to experience the colored communities. After experiencing what I have experienced over the past 39 years, socializing finally with Vietnamese-Canadians, obtaining external goals that have value and Oshawa (where I live) becoming finally diverse, I realize life is just now about pushing yourself in obtaining the greater and greater experiences of growth and creation. Vietnamese born in Canada value thoughtful pursuits from what I have seen. We understand the Western and our Vietnamese-Canadian experience and want to do something for ourselves rather than conform to others expectations and thinking too much about others rather than ourselves. Seriously, after a while of listening and conforming it just has to stop and everyone must live for themselves. At my age with these accomplished experiences, I am consumed of creating more and doing more thoughtful pursuits for the good feelings and thrills. I reached the point where it is just objective and thinking and getting experiences most of the time.

Health: Self-worth – I had low levels of self-worth back in 2008-09. I was trying to do computer science at university and found no one like me and no one understanding my plight. I had different goals than everyone as a Vietnamese person born in Canada. I made no friends at university in computers and had negative toxic people deterring me from it. I was trying to excel in skills and to prove myself. Now in 2024, I realized it takes a lifetime of experiences and skill gaining to do the things I do now. It is not partying and having fun all day. That is over. Anyways my feeling of self-worth has improved significantly as I am a pretty good builder now. That is a great skill to earn. If you are feeling low, just study building education like engineering and programming. But with programming you can literally build things without costing you much. But it will take decades maybe. I first got my computer in 1995 in grade 5 at 10 years old and off and on I was deterred from learning more computers because my parents did not see the value in it, bad naysayers, me not believing in myself, not understanding the value of it and not understanding it from a positive growth perspective. Now I am 39 years old and realized now really that learning about computers is probably the ultimate thing you can do to have the building skills to replicate and also maybe improve things all around you. Having the ability to build things is the skill that probably doesn’t make you feel low of self-worth as you can replicate probably all things around you. Do it! Build your own house, town and city! Build your own world!