Updates (January 9, 2024)

Life: Things I learned as a Vietnamese born in Canada – I am going to talk about the list of things I learned growing up in Canada. I am one of the original children of boat people refugees. That means I am one of the oldest first gen Vietnamese-Canadians. I am trying to think structured and make sense of life as an adult here in Canada.

  • Growing up I was fixed on the media of just having fun all day (eating and playing) at first BUT …
  • In kindergarten, I realized that it would be cool to keep studying and learning until you reached the highest level in universities as I knew the way I looked physically was different from the majority here in Canada. Therefore, I had to rely on my thoughts and mind to keep me occupied and happy. That means thinking all the time, thinking out of the box and trying to be creative to be different from mainstream culture to breathe and have a say.
  • I grew up realizing there was racism and classism in schools, institutions and work and people. People have egos that they don’t want to be challenged.
  • To avoid the outside control from others and mistreatment I got at work, schools and society, I just work with my friends Ben Cybulski, Dmitry Nefedov, William Nguyen, my brother-in-law Simon Fisher and my cousins An Nguyen and An Loc. Life at my age is to be independent thinking and not be heavily influenced and controlled by others. There is conflict sometimes with people because they have group mentality or are still young thinking about group mentality. They haven’t realized they live in Canada where everyone can be different. It might take sometime for them to grow up and learn out of group thinking and relax their egos. You may have to challenge every power structure and culture to think of something new and think for yourself to grow and breathe and have your say. That is the part of growing up and becoming mature and expanding. It might hurt and conflict with people who think one way and who are egotistical not wanting change. Those people who are conflicted with this are just not open minded. Challenging things are a part of growing up independently after young adulthood.
  • I try to work on creative things. But I am running out of ideas. Most of my ideas now are pretty generic. I need time alone and to just observe the world to be more creative. I currently just make updates on our software to make them more marketable and usable. I plan to work more with Ben Cybulski to make something new. I also want to help other developers with their software but I may want something in return like money.
  • Also working with Ben, Dmitry, William, Simon, An and An there is no conflict. There are no cultural, racial, or power issues. Everyone has their say to push things forward. Everyone is mature. Pretty much all of us are on the same frequency. We all have fun working and talking to each other. No conflicts. I guess I have to work and play with this group for the time being for the enjoyment, fun and to avoid problems with others.
  • I also studied a lot. I studied quite a bit so I could be pretty independent and do the things I wanted in the world. It is difficult for me to find people that will give me the opportunity to work to my maximum ability to feel good about myself. My group is very old and mature.
  • Studying and working a lot of different things (things I liked and disliked) gave me a lot of good things. I improved my confidence. I improved my resilience. I improved my health. My social life is good now. It improved my physical looks. My face and body are more manly now and my face looks smarter. That is the trick. Work hard on improving yourself independently with your own take on life. Challenge whatever people say and see if you can add or change things your way that is good and universal. Remember you have to add to what is already out there and don’t conform and don’t be a slave.
  • Doing things independently my own way like making these tweaking unique software gave me a stance. I have a vantage point to be opinionated and develop my own creative things. I can criticize and challenge people’s ideas and methods. Keep going and trying to grow and develop your character and voice.
  • After all this, you get old and mature and continue to learn. I reached old age now. I have to continue to keep learning and growing so I don’t get sick and don’t get unhealthy and don’t get fat. Don’t just stagnant and accept whatever life hands to you. You can improve and maintain good health for a long-term if you keep pushing and pushing to this point where you have to work hard to learn and grow and challenge things to ‘stay healthy’. Find people who understand this too to work and befriend with. Find your friends.
  • At the end, the person creating the product is actually benefiting from everything mostly. They are learning, growing and getting healthy working hard away developing the solution that could be ongoing. It is not the one criticizing or using the product really. That is why you are supposed to learn and do things all the time to be ‘busy body’. You are supposed to do the work to get all the benefits of the ‘work’. The people using the product suffer at the end in a way. They are using the simple ‘one-click’ solutions to make things too easy for them making them maybe lazy and to reliant on others. Some users might add and give their opinion on the product to help it grow which is ‘OKish’. The only activity that makes sense is to create solutions in the modern era. Right? To grow and learn? Can we just live a life of repetitiveness? I think not as we need to arrive at the pursuit of ‘creativeness’ and solutions. That is the ultimate goal I think in life.
  • Regardless of race, looks, culture and age, cultivating your inner self with education and other universal good pursuits are the things that are important. Thinking about the superficial things just stops you from growing deep. Growth of the inner self provides solutions, work and new things that are universally valued. That is all I can do as a Vietnamese man.