Updates (January 7, 2024)

Culture: You have to think differently – In society the way I act is different I think from the mainstream. Only Vietnamese people see the way I behave positively. I guess I have to avoid other types of people sometimes because they always look at things negatively.

Life: Took 20 years plus – It took me over 20 years to get to the point where I think I can do what I want. I studied biology, chemistry and finally computers. I can spend all day in my room mostly creating what I want. That is what I heard when I was young. It literally takes decades for an average man to have enough skills and experience to sit there and ‘create’. I heard this all the time when I was struggling growing up here in Canada and Vietnam. My uncles in Vietnam did not worry and said I was just young and that is the so-called struggle of life for a young man. I am turning 40 years old this year in Canada (41 years old in Vietnamese years), and I finally can relax a bit and do some brainstorming and zone out doing the things I want and love.

Life: After finishing school and some work – After you had your fill of experiences of life here in Canada, what do you do? What aches you? What has caused you trauma in the past? What problems do you have in the current system working outside in the public domain? As a Vietnamese man who is almost 40 years old. The Vietnamese stereotype is still bad. Therefore, I personally can not be the bad stereotype walking around and socializing. I must be independent, unique, and creative. This is a part of growing up too. So as a middle age man now I must rise up and and mature to not be the walking bad stereotype. I can live normally but the bad stereotype still exists. So don’t be the bad stereotype and do the reverse as you have the maturity, time and experience now to change things and yourself.

Life: All alone in negative society – Outside in the working world felt bad when I was not around other Vietnamese. So I work alone with my friends. There is the thought mostly from older people how they think ‘Vietnamese are’ and just hold and project the bad stereotypes of Vietnamese to make themselves feel better. I met this daily outside. I guess when Vietnamese are building cars now (VinFast) and have their own tech companies (FPT) then this treatment will slowly go away? Does or or count?