Updates (January 5, 2024)

Culture: Finding a ‘real’ partner to love and grow with – Once you grow up and have done your degrees/diplomas and worked generally, the next step is to find a wife. Attracting a wife long-term has to be more than about your job, money and status in the general sense. You have to grow spiritually, culturally and abstractly and see eye-to-eye into the soul. The more you study, work, learn and compete sportsmanlike, the better it might to attract a wife ‘long-term’ … But I really think if a woman expects ‘a lot’ then … . A lot is just ‘extra’ and an accessory. You are supposed to find a wife that expects ‘work’ as secondary. You are supposed to find a wife that finds ‘everything’ just things you can talk about and do. I always knew this … . There is growth in doing things and working on yourself but after obtaining the skills and experiences, it is just things ‘you do’ to basically pass the time here on Earth. They are things you ‘talk about’. I always knew this … . You can not be your work. You are supposed to find someone with the same ‘deep soul’ as you. Someone who sees deep inside you the man you are beyond the layers of work, additional education and skills and life experiences you added over the years. You should be able to talk to your wife forever and ever and easily find things to talk about and do things together all the time.