Updates (January 4, 2024)

Life: Things I learned about trying to obtain full maximal growth – I think everyone knows this deep down inside but are fed the wrong messages by others and pushed down by naysayers, competitive human nature and different cultural and social norms. You are supposed to exert yourself in every activity to improve your brain, mindset which in turn will improve your looks and health. You are supposed to engage in activities that remove you from the superficial dragging down negative nature of society and rise in abstraction and creativity to improve all well-being I think.

Work: Middle age and beyond – After school and a half-dozen jobs, you are supposed to work and play with people in your age range in Canada/USA. I am in the former ‘‘ Discord playing with people my age who understand the qualms of life.

Life: Early static life – Working generally there is competition and power and status structure that people try to hold and protect themselves from people below. This is true when people are young and immature and in-your-face competitive. You have to keep learning and growing to feel good and the best way and nice fun way is helping others grow too in good competitive sportsmanship spirit. I am guessing in healthcare and some other sciences and most normal jobs do not have this way of thought as I think because everything is knowledge amassing and bounded/limited. It is not abstraction and playing in the mind.

Culture: From Vietnam – Because I come from Vietnam and think the way I do and because of my parents, I think the way I think and do the things I do. I am not sure if I came from a lineage from developed country would I think the way I do and do the things I do?