Updates (January 3, 2024)

Work: You have to do your own stuff too – You have to do what you like as well and create what you like. It is very good to work with Ben Cybulski but there is a part of you where you must create for yourself. It is part of human nature at its end to be creative.

Work: Creativity – At the end of study and experiences and work, the ultimate goal is to have the time and energy to be creative. That is what everyone should seek when they are done, done. That is what is deemed most important and fun beyond work and the everyday.

Life: After socializing after school and work – My older brother and older sister are right. It took me many years of working, studying and social interactions to see that mature life is to do what you are interested in day in and day out without the 360 degree interference of people. I will just do what I want now for my entertainment and fun.