Updates (January 2, 2024)

Culture: Expectations from family back home and their support – In 2019, I finally went back online and connected with my cousins after more than a decade of not socializing regularly with my family. One cousin called me twice over Facebook Messenger. I did not pick up as I was sad about my life here in Canada. He made me try and work and study to get where I am today. Thank you cousin Thai Pham: . I have to fulfill my family duty I guess. As a Vietnamese person born in Canada, I have to meet all my families expectations to have “The complete Western Education Experiences” at least or else I can not show myself.

Life: I finally look like an old man – I finally look like an old man. I think I look wise now too like the “Old wise man Asian stereotype”. Finally! I am pleased as an old man now. It finally occurred to me that this is good. I hit the next level. The level of acceptance of “old” and lots of life wisdom I think LOL.

Life: Life is all about stories – I write (blog) and do things with meaning I think.