Updates (December 29, 2023)

Culture: Canada and Freedom – I did everything outside in the working world. I had 20+ jobs. Born and living in Canada allows you to pursue everything if you adopt that mindset to try and do everything and not get defined or controlled by anyone. Now is the pathway that is enlightened, is working with Ben Cybulski? No sad or boring days working with him. If people concentrated on working like this with Ben, would all problems you think you have be kind of dismissed? You are working on a higher enlightened level working with Ben that solves problems differently in a good way. All your problems get actually solved really when working with Ben. You reach such a high level of thinking and processing that the stuff you think is real and problematic are just a drop in the bucket when working with Ben.

Life: Start of life at 40 – Some people say life starts at 18. Modern day people say life starts at 30 or 40. Some people say life starts out from the womb or even at the very beginning when egg and sperm are united. I always knew back in my mind that life could not be superficial in nature as we all age. The West can not define everything. You had to define your own way of living personally for yourself. When I was in kindergarten I knew this and did not want to listen to other people. It has been working well for me during my time home alone mostly. Sometimes working in public some higher ups can can see how I think internally. However, working with Ben is objective and things are not defined by any one culture really. It is just ‘good stuff’ going on.

Work: Dedicate yourself working the other way – I think you can dedicate your life working the other way. The normal way 9-5 is so difficult and classist. Well how am I going to live in this system where it isn’t helpful for me to thrive and live independently with good health and good positive outlooks where I have a slice of pie. Being Vietnamese for the past 40 years was not held in the good light. I must not be the bad stereotype. I must prove myself. I must improve and keep going.

Life: My life is good here in Canada – In Canada, my life is good. There is nothing to worry about for me no more. What am I supposed to do now at over 40 years old? Physically, things are going downhill. Therefore, work and personal interests and hobbies must go uphill.

Life: My plight – Is my plight even a plight after working with Ben? What do I want?

Work: Can you just work with Ben and that is enough – Well working with Ben removes all issues that I think I have. I think on a different plane. All issues are addressed. If you don’t work with Ben then what do you have? What will you have now? What will you have later? What will you have at retirement?

Work: What do other people do working in this space – I wonder how other people live, work and play working like me. In education and work what are the expectations when working with people like Ben and me. My dad said at this age and point in time everyone is unique and doing their own thing. We just learn and grow and become ourselves not defined by anyone no more and don’t hold other peoples opinions higher. We become very independent and live to help nurture ourselves to grow and be well and be wise.

Life: Constant growth – Life seems to be this constant growth and turmoil. I did most jobs. I understand what is going on at the social level. There is this pull and growth and relaxing period where you have to be more and grow. And its constant growth and relaxation and reflection. You just have to accept it.

Work: You have to constantly grow – I come to the period where I am so old now and it is expected for me here in Canada to grow and improve as I look and act like and old man LOLOL. Canada is great! LOL. You generally expect old people to be wise, skillful and knowledgeable. I am old now and this is the way. LOL.