Updates (December 28, 2023)

Work: Open source – I realized that open source/developing free software is good but has the mortal problem with it. You learn and grow at the best rate possible. You are not focused on making money. You are focused on delivering unique creative solutions. Solutions that probably not everyone wants but something different that may have value. But the feeling and vantage point you get creating these solutions is great. The more free solutions you create gives you more knowledge and skills and vantage point. It accelerates the space you are in. Opening your heart to help freely in the space is what defines it. You open your heart to grow and be involved and be part of something that keeps going and getting bigger and bigger. There is power in it. You can go off creating what you like and have such a unique solution and that is like what defines things, it will define the space. There is so much in that.

Culture: Focusing on work – I realize that focusing on the NON-superficial stuff in life is what can define a person now. We live in a society of race, culture, lookism and social status. But you can live on focusing on the internal stuff. If you focus on the internal stuff that is the most honorable thing you can do and everyone will respect that. Life is not that hostile and not that fast here in Canada. People can respect the hustle and internal growth you do for yourself. Well you have to at this point especially if you are a coloured person. As a coloured person my superficial layer is worthless ๐Ÿ˜‚. I can not accept other peoples culture and views because they are hierarchal and superficial. I must live the Vietnamese way. If I live their way I get placed at the gutter in society. Screw that ๐Ÿ˜‚.

Life: Do you really know anything – Do you know actually where you stand and what you are? This question allows life to go forward and be free with no obstacles in your way. Don’t be so rigid and don’t be so serious. Just do what you like everyday until you are happy with what going on at your pace.

Life: Being heavy – When I am heavy, I just focus on work. Maybe that is a good thing?

Life: Oshawa – Things are getting very diverse here in the East part of the GTA. What is the goals? Same I guess.

Life: Adulthood and University – Back in 2002-2003, I finally went to school in the city. Was it a good thing or a bad thing? My brother and sisters say it was not a good thing because the issues you face are defined already since kindergarten and so polar. I realize they are right. I am still trying to catch up on their accomplishments. They did away with the superficial and focused on work and are more successful than me. But I am generally more open minded than them. Being open minded let me accept different ways of thought. But I must hold the views and opinions of others objectively and subject myself to them. Thatโ€™s the problem I see in society. People blindly follow. It is not good for my health if I want to be known for something worthwhile.

Life: Life at 40 – I think at this stage in life you have to really just focus on internal things to grow and develop. It is commendable to focus on internal growth. People will respect that wherever you go.

Work: Working with Ben Cybulski – What do you do in life when you have a friend like Ben Cybulski? What are my goals in life? I have mere mortal goals in life. When you can focus on universal good goals then what makes of your mortal goals? Am I just working with Ben? Does my goals matter? Should I forgo my goals and work with people like Ben? I think yes. My mere mortal goals seems unimportant and not right. It is no longer about me. But I grow in the process of being smarter and being a better person. Sometimes I forget I am working with Ben and lose sense of what I am doing. Working alone by myself feels dark and gloomy here in Canada. I guess working with Ben I see the light. I get really healthy focusing on good things when I work with Ben. There is internal ‘good’ growth when working with Ben.