Updates (December 26, 2023)

Life: Feeling stuck – After doing schooling and work for 20 years, I finally got the skills to not depend on anyone for that much help really. I am the first generation of Vietnamese born here in Canada. It is hard to source others for help. I was stuck for years not knowing what to do until I got the skills to do everything for myself. You have to learn everything really. That is all really. You got to do everything on your own?

Health: Declining health – My health has improved since I finally finished all my skills acquiring. It took me 20 years to be independent. I increased my skills 3-4x since 2009 and now am OK. If you are sick and depressed at your job and life, I guess you got to learn as many skills as you can to be independent and dependent on yourself only.

Life: Men from the ages 28 – 40 – I used to be so bothered wanting to know what other people were doing around that age range: 28 – 40 years old. I worked for years and Googled and YouTubed to understand what is going on. I thought do you need to work for the sake of working? Do you need to study? Do you need to man up? At the end I realized you have to keep track of what is going on around you and make your place in the world and then some (especially as a coloured person). I mean study what you feel you need and want, watch what the world is doing, be at peace in your own self (learn to live in isolation and accept that the best things in life occurs is when you are alone and with your friends) and see what you can do with the skills you acquired, learn lots of skills so you can do anything you want. BUT you must go heavy, heavy specialization to create that voice you truly want and desire in your core as a human. That will give you your arc and your strength and vantage point to oversee everything.

Culture: Canada in frame – After finishing school, I learned all there is to life here in Canada is education for ‘Vietnamese’ like me. The bad stereotypes that affect me out here in Oshawa (East part of the GTA – Greater Toronto Area) is just bad 😂. I can not be the walking bad stereotype 😂. I must live my life to the fullest and enjoy it too. No need to listen to assholes.

Culture: After 40 years – The same stereotypes still affect me after 20 years outside in the world. I got to get out of the mainstream circle of the harsh biased treatment and work on my own with my friends to avoid but grow somehow. Even if it is slow and slow 😂. That is what my parents said. Just accept the slow growth at your pace and place for enjoyment and growth. Your perspective and plight must be nurtured.

Culture: My parents are right – Outside world really sucks for a guy like me. My parents got involved in growing themselves with their education, culture and business that they did not have to deal with the bad influences weighing them down. I got to continue changing myself to a better person and learn from others and from my culture to improve things even after 45+ years after the Vietnam War. After 8+ months figuring out this and that, things just marginally improved since 20 years ago. I guess it is how it is and I must accept that.

Life: Enjoy myself and take my time – With or without a high paying job/career in the system or in-person school, life should be on your own terms where it is only good for you especially if you are born here in Canada. You don’t have to listen to anyone as you are a free citizen and should abide being free without listening to skewed thoughts of others. You got to do this otherwise you won’t thrive and grow and have peace of mind. I finally realize this after schooling, working and being out there.

Work: I got to be my own boss – Seriously, things are really skewed the wrong way. I got to see where I work well and can thrive to my own well being.

Culture: How much – Need to be open minded in my field and show others how I think. That is the only way to show how you are and think and to grow.