Updates (December 24, 2023)

Life: Another year – What did I learn?

  • You got to constantly grow even after finishing school regardless of whatever other people think. The world is constantly moving forward with you or not. You have to catch the ride.
  • You have to socialize outside the world in the open marketplace.
  • Working with Ben Cybulski, Dmitry Nefedov and my brother gave me an opportunity to work and think differently. Could be said it is an advantage.
  • Working with my friends enabled me to do things differently. Now if I continue on this pathway where will it take me? What will it enable me to do things easier? Working with my friends will enable me to get a ‘job’?
  • Do I really need to work outside when I have my friends? You can work and learn and play with everyone. But working with my friends is OKish and good enough??? Let’s try outside and test the stereotypes and generalities.
  • You need to be proud of who you are and live by it becoming someone of great value and meaning. I don’t think you can just accept whatever and not grow to be that person of value and meaning you want. You got to fight for yourself.
  • Can these works working with my friends be appreciated by others? What can I do after working with my friends?
  • Does the psychological everyday life interactions compute after working with my friends? Am I learning anything I don’t already know at 39 after working with my friends? Is it the same old, same old? Can you actually have an normal conversation after working with Ben?
  • Seriously, working with my friends is absolutely great and out there. I wonder what am I suppose to say and do after working with these cool people. Life isn’t normal no more.
  • After working with my friends, the everyday stuff of categorizing and placing things in boxes doesn’t work no more.
  • What do other people think of my friends and the work we do?
  • I should continue working in this pathway because everything else at the moment is just stressful: dealing with people and the everyday problems. Do you really need to deal and talk about everyday things after working with my friends.
  • It is not getting degrees and education, actually working with my friends is the pathway. Getting more education and skills will just enable me more to work outsides and work with my friends.
  • Isn’t life just working with my friends really? What else do people seek? The norm or this? What do you do at 30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100 years old? You should have a route that positive and brings you happiness and unlimited growth and change.
  • Seriously, what do other people think of the work my friends and I do? I guess it is one of those things people have to accept. The everyday rivalry and competition and struggle for survival is not existent when you work with my friends.
  • I am just a normal guy. For myself, the opportunity to work with my friends is one in a lifetime opportunity. Should we all be seeking something like what I am doing? The everyday stuff doesn’t cut it no more. The world I am in is absolutely out of this world. Who seeks to live on the ground when you have an opportunity like this? It is an out of the body experience that has no comparisons.