Updates (December 23, 2023)

Life: Thinking out the box – Living beyond the everyday and thinking more than what is in front of you. That is how you think around obstacles and dilemmas.

Life: You got to help – At 40 years old, I reached a point where I am pretty happy and content. Now that I see the younger generation struggle with common problems of growth and education it seems sad.

Life: Outside – Beyond what Ben, Dmitry and William and I are doing: What am I trying to learn and solve now?

Life: At the end – After all the struggle and problems in life, all you have is what you are singularly passionate about that creates happiness.

Life: Go where you are appreciated – It is good to see how other people think of you so you can reflect and change if need be. Staying where you are held high is good and not so good. Need to rock the boat sometimes to see the ripples and then recenter for more growth to be more skilled. But I am quite content with my group in my niche … is that enough? I think not really.