Updates (December 19, 2023)

Culture: Don’t let others define you – I am understanding the complexities of life at old age after finishing school. Now I realize we got to work and keep working.

School: You can not really keep being in school – It is important to work outside now. That reality is reality of everyday trying to work and get by.

School: Working on harder things – For me when I worked on harder and harder things, life became easier. Now I understand why people keep studying until they get the top 1% so that they are fulfilled and have the means to move and think and define things for themselves. Higher complexity at old age and being at the top. Don’t let anyone stop you from learning. It is a need to keep learning and not stopping. It is an actual human desire to grow and learn. Don’t think otherwise you should stop. At least do what you are passionate about.

Life: Outside in public – Once you get to 40 years old, it is only the around 20 years old people you see outside doing stuff. Anyone older than that are so old and busy trying to keep growing and be busy for their health and well-being. That is the way things are as you get older.

Work: What am I supposed to build now – I think I will continue to develop but open-source it now? That way I can keep growing and doing stuff. I need to share to grow now. I guess I do have an unique set of skills and personality that can be appreciated. Am I just a coder?