Updates (December 17, 2023)

Life: This is life when you hit 40 I guess – Same feelings and always looking for things to do and grow constantly:

Life: Progress – I spent the last 20 years from 19 years old learning and doing many things. Even after I am done, I feel inadequate. I guess that is life. Keep going forward.

School: Pushing and Pushing – After I finished school in 2009, life became stagnant and sick. Then I realized later you must keep pushing to learn and make learning normal for yourself. Now I think I have the ability to keep learning. Keep pushing until it becomes normal to learn. Even normal to learn the hard things.

Life: What am I doing – There is nothing going on in my head really when out in public. I need to find more friends to socialize with. I am like so old out here in Canada for a Vietnamese person. What is the next goal? What is the next project? What am I looking for 1 year from now?

School: More education – I guess all I can really talk about that makes sense to me is project building. Anything further doesn’t make any sense to me. It is about product building and probably making things easier? Is that the concept that is understandable and can be only thought about? That is probably the only thing I can think of that I can hold and play with.