Updates (December 14, 2023)

Work: Share – You are supposed to share what makes you. What is your spark? Show what makes you proud and happy.

Life: Old now – You have to be smart. At old age the thing is to be knowledgeable as possible. Try to be be the smartest man in the world. Once you realize that at old age, then the act of becoming more knowledgeable at the best you can is the right path. We live in a modern world were knowledge is correct and in turn knowledge is health. Be as liberal as you can. Basically, drive things forward so you have power and control over your life and to be free to do as you wish with creativity. This will allow other people to perform well too. Help expand the landscape. Help others expand their horizons.

Work: Your passion, your spark – Keep doing your spark and see. It should be the right path for everything else I think.

Life: Progression – You need to grow and progress as you get older. To live a happy life, you need to improve all parts of your life.

Programming: Keeping at it – Life is to constantly grow and there is no way better than to learn and learn a skill like programming to help you grow as a person.

Programming: FAQ – You have to learn the skill programming to launch you to think higher and healthy. That is a part of life people don’t tell you about. Learning and developing skills is a part of life. It is not winning the lottery or a nice pension. You have to grow and grow and learn and learn. I am pretty sure of this. Life is not just selecting university/college majors and sticking with it till retirement. Life is a constant growth curve.

School: Learning other things – You have to learn other things too. Getting higher level of degrees in education and in business is important for growth and maturity and progress. You have to think in many different ways and not just programming or math. But if you think in pure logic in maths is that all you need? Maybe yes? But thinking in other areas might be a reliever? and connected loosely.

Programming: Max out after – After doing my personal projects the next thing is to max out in programming. Keep learning and doing things in the field of programming. Personally, I don’t go about learning other things … Might be my problem. But as an old man who knows what he likes, maybe the passion projects will be enough??? That should fill up just studying for the sake of studying and learning????