Updates (December 13, 2023)

Life: Can’t stop – Life keeps on going and we need to keep improving and learning. We need to grow and mature to be well.

Work: Helping others – For good health, growth, knowledge to be better, I like helping others too in a collaborative effort. Passing the ball back and forth. I learned all these things to grow healthy and well. To live a good life is to learn lots to be skillful to enable yourself in any situation that arises. It also allows to be in a better position (gives you power and authority) to help others. It is nice to have some power and authority but you can not just stagnant either. You must keep going. At least keep up with your passions. You can try to learn more other things and accomplish more for more control over your life and surroundings. But I realize if you focus solely on your passions mostly that will be so specialized to give you great control like studying a high level degree like a PhD perhaps?

Culture: I grew up wrong – It is not about superficial stuff that keeps you alive until you are 101 years old. At the end of your 30s it is time to work on skills and improving yourself in the mind. If you focus just on fun then you have nothing at the end.