Updates (December 12, 2023)

Life: Unique and creative – Having a diversity of perspectives and opinions is important. It is important for development and growth as you get older into becoming more creative and unique. For example, besides me being a computer technician, I went ahead and developed unique software that teaches and customizes Windows and Games. After doing this for a few years and further expanding on it, I come to a point where I need to grow more because of the constant pull of growth and separation and independence. I am talking to Dmitry Nefedov and collaborating with him on similar and related products. It is fun and growth.

Culture: Seriously – The funny thing about getting old is trying to avoid thinking in groups/stop group mentality. As a colored old person I am well aware of people’s culture and race. I am aware of how I get treated by others and other races. A problem I see with some people is that race and culture can and can not have a importance. Sometimes people seem to be so racially and culturally fixated in their actions and thought patterns. Is that a good thing or bad thing? Well for me, I work with Ben and Dmitry and race and culture is thought of something tertiary and/or non-significant. The conversations I have with them are just about product making for the world whoever they are. Sometimes I meet people who are so fixated on culture and race that I just run away from them. It is so important for them … As a person born here in Canada, I remember growing up in elementary school where there was good talks ‘about life’ where race and culture had no significance. Seems like when we get older that is all some people focus on … I wonder if I thought so racial and cultural could I do what I have done? Is it worth exploring that avenue? Or should I just continue working with my friends who forgo that thinking?