Updates (December 5, 2023)

Life: Definition – What am I doing? I am not sure what I am doing 100% right now at 39 years old. At least I know I am not a young adult no more causing ruckus. I hope to grow and impart some unique ideas. What else does a Vietnamese-Canadian guy wish to do? I learned now that I am not defined by general stereotypes no more. Now is the time to get around the young crowd wanting to voice their personal agenda. I wonder about the people I grew up with here in Canada, what stereotypes do they hold at middle-aged now? Are they still thinking and supporting stereotypes? Everyone is old now.

Work: You have to do what makes you unique – I am going to do stuff that makes me thrive.

Life: Everyone can change – You just have to believe it and go through life to see that life is not just young adulthood fishing for tuna. I went through lots of hardships in young adult life and pushed my way through old age dealing with people and higher level development. After doing everything I was tempted to do, life is just sitting here observing and doing things with your mind. Pushing your mind just to do things instead of worrying about the socio, cultural or political nature of things.