Updates (December 4, 2023)

About: What have I done – For the past 2-3 years, I am developing things. What impact have I done? I explained my footsteps into attaining what I have so far. Has my generation and upcoming generations get anything from what I am talking about from a Vietnamese-Canadian who is now middle-aged here in Canada? I hope I shared something of value to grow and learn from.

Life: Outside in public – I reached a point in life that it is not accumulating knowledge and status no more really in public space. I pretty much reached maximum social interactions at middle age. I am not learning much from talking to people everyday. Now it is layers of depth that is beyond everyday interactions. I am pretty much now a creative. What can I create uniquely without the direct “competition” and “influence” of others really? The world where I living in at my age is very different from years past when I was in university and college. Now is the time to think creative without the hassle of negative small thinking.