Updates (December 2, 2023)

About: What does my ‘About’ mean – As a Vietnamese person living in the modern age, things must change. After the Vietnam War in 1975 and 48 years after, what should Vietnamese people be doing? I am learning. What else?

Teaching: How far do you try to teach someone – What are the goals of learning and life itself? Unlimited depth. How much to think about learning and learning about life do you know to teach and live a good long healthy productive life? What is important?

Culture: People that are coloured – Are we trying to prove something? All there is is learning. What am I doing?

Life: Does every guy eventually reach this point – At the end of young adulthood, life is about working on yourself spiritually, mindfully, and independently. Is it about working for ‘the boss’? Not anymore.

Culture: Vietnamese in 2023 – As a 39 years old man in 2023, who am I listening to? What is expected? Is it really serious?