Updates (December 1, 2023)

Programming: When can you program anything – I am realizing the realistic expectation into programming like Steve Huynh: I don’t think you should expect yourself to be like him anytime soon if you are just starting. It takes a lot of work to get to his level. Take your time everyday to reach this without sweating it. I have unrealistic expectations. I must enjoy everyday to one day do the things he is doing now. He is helping other tech professionals. I think that is so great! He reached the level of Master now. Probably nothing surprises him no more.

Culture: Everyone who is not Vietnamese – It seems everyone not on my frequency and not Vietnamese has a ‘bad’ stereotypical view of me. I guess it has gotten to the point that life is just chilling with same frequency friends now. It seems not everyone has positive viewpoints to share. I have to finally accept it now that the world is pretty dark. When you have met real ‘darkness’ then you finally realize this. If I want to think negative then I have to think like others???

Culture: Thinking really logical and like Ben and Dmitry – I suffered thinking my state of low level sad thinking before out here in the East side of the Greater Toronto Area. But thinking with Ben and Dmitry all day has elevated me to becoming someone completely different with high level projects and unlimited things to do keeping me out of problems. I am not sure if it is worth it to venture out thinking like I did before without Ben and Dmitry. It is just a dark sad life without working with these friends … Seriously, working with Ben and Dmitry is life changing.

Life: Depth levels – How much depth can you have? It seems on the Discord server with there is quite a level of depth. But how much more can you go to create, live and develop?

Life: What to do when you were recognized for your accomplishments when you were young – It is a waste to drop everything I think when I was recognized for doing something pretty nice when I was young. I earned my CompTIA A+ computer technician IT certificate at 14 years old and was published in WeCompute newspaper: So now what? I have to keep charging on and see where this takes me. There is no other choice really than to keep exploring. It would be sad and funny to drop this when I live in Canada with all its cool opportunities and experiences you can have. I was born here in Canada so I must think liberal and push forward to see how far is far.

School: Beyond schooling – Seriously, it is about passions now than anything else I see it now. This way it avoids all problems. That is what makes your voice in the sea of voices.

School: You have to study everything – When you get really old, you learn that you have to learn everything as this point in your life as you need to do things differently to ‘maintain life’. I can not really explain it to younger people. I realize you become so old that that life is a pursuit to stay current and busy being ready to understand everything there is to life and be ready for anything to occur in your pathway. You can not act like a young adult no more.

Work: How do I explain this – I am like one of the oldest born in Canada who is Vietnamese after the Vietnam War. I think things are completely new to me. I am growing old and maturing to a point where I do 2 things: 1. Trying to mature more and more as a Vietnamese-Canadian, 2. Trying to get out of the matrix and develop things I like to have my own unique voice. This will possibly allow me to work around stale monotonous jobs and one day make money to showcase to my audience what I have been doing personally for myself to be independent and unique. It is healthy to do what I am doing at my age. I don’t just want to sit there and get fat eating fast food plugging away at the computer at some boring job. I can not just be a number at my age no more. I don’t want to be just a number in the system. I have the opportunity to do what I like. I live in Canada with all its endless opportunities. I think I have the time too. Canada is a safe place to venture into anything.

Life: Domesticated Fighter – How much of a educated skilled person can you become in the modern world?