Updates (November 28, 2023)

School: I am not solid yet – It took Steve Huynh around 18 years to become confident as a programmer: I guess I need the same time to live in this new modern world to become healthy, strong and resilient in life like he is. I should enjoy life while trying to accomplish what Steve Huynh has and take my time doing it. I am no one special. I am pretty average. I just studied a lot to learn more and obtain some understanding of life here in Canada (The West). I should really just take my time now after realizing how big the scope of life is here in the West and drink a few coffees while at it LOL. I must decide to choose to avoid the stress, the rat race and the rush. I was only programming seriously since like 2020-21. Seems like I get to drink quite a few more coffees now LOL.

School: Am I approaching this wrong – I am going too fast. I need to take time and relax for myself while trying to attain good things and maintain my health. I need time for myself to enjoy and grow. I should worry about myself and develop an unique stance and perspective even more so than what I have now. Key things is to enjoy while learning.

Life: I need some collaborators – It sucks to be old and far out here in the West as a Vietnamese. I need to find collaborators at my age maybe? Venturing alone is not fun no more doing what I am doing. OR I can at least chill a bit and reflect what is going around me LOL.

Life: Mental complexity – Teaching complex information is the number 1 way to increase mental complexity. . We need to grow complex. We need to learn the complexity of a fulfilling life. And try to be creative with the knowledge.

Life: People pleaser – I need to stop being such a people pleaser??? I have to think liberal to function in this adult world. I must strive for more structure to get away from feeling stunted. Developing stuff that meets what standard?

Life: Growth – Life after 35 years old is just growth. Avoid people who say otherwise. That is why I hate going to ‘school’ in-person. Young students in grade school and undergraduate have a fixed view of the world. Life is growth and liberal.

Life: Creativeness – It is all about being creative? I think it is now. I think we need to be more and more creative everyday. How to elevate thinking to a different happy, warm, collaborative perspective? Can I find people to collaborate with it? Seems to be just Ben Cybulski and Dmitry Nefedov for now.

Programming: Developing software that teaches – I realize finally now I am just an average person who just has a personality about what I design: developing my way in teaching software. It makes me individualistic and produces the feelings and growth that cements and grows me. I must continue to develop things that makes me unique otherwise I lose my ‘voice’. It has gotten to a point where you must develop your own voice seriously now instead of being a ‘button pusher’. Seriously, I must develop software my way ‘to teach’ which I am really passionate about in my core. Teach other like minded people as me. I must cater to my niche audience. I should not just focus blanketing everything and stop trying to develop all-in-one solutions. Working with Ben and Dmitry should be separate from what I want personally for my own sake and growth.