Updates (November 23, 2023)

Work: Work that has meaning – I grew up in the suburbs and it was nice here in Canada. I am fortunate to have a good upbringing. I learned in elementary school that life can be just about passions and interests. If I am to live a ‘feel good’ life, I guess I should do what I truly like disregarding the 99.9999% problems of interference and outside nosiness alone in my own space. I am tired of the outside company work. With independent minded people living with just passions and interest there is no problem. It can be a nuisance to have to directly deal with outside interference. I can observe and not interact that much? Speaking from a external 3rd party perspective feels good.

Work: Competitive work – Working in a competitive environment like in big companies and the USA is tough. I don’t think I have that mindset to believe and work and live in such a competitive culture. It can be part of the DNA to be so competitive in areas where competition is an actual thing. I am just like my mom and don’t need face to face competition lifestyle.

School: Studying a lot – When I finished studying everything I wanted, all the hard things in life I once thought was hard became easy with patience. With programming I could solve most all my problems both physically and abstractly and socially.

Culture: Canadian and Vietnamese and Others and One – There are such things as groups. At the end of the day, it is what you really think with your same frequency friends to push forward and actually do work and be productive. You have to grow and be liberal constantly without looking back really. You have to work so you grow knowing the diversity of groups.

Work: Creative work – Can you really create stuff you want while working ‘x’ job? Trying to be creative and being happy and healthy while working what???

School: Getting recognition – It is true. Studying so much for the past 20+ years has finally showed tangible substance. It has given some social put ups outside in society. No longer am I just a minority who does stereotypical things. I have a voice and it is my own and different by creating what I am doing. I created an unique independent personality and identity. I finally have become what I want and more. I am not just a rung in the ladder. Well you can’t just be a button presser no more at 35+ years old.

Life: The Only Thing That Matters is What You Actually Do – You can talk and talk and understand social things. But the thing that you do creatively is the only thing that matters. It grows you beyond the everyday talk and social interactions. It also adds to you socially and physically.

Programming: Solutions – Developing solutions can go many ways. There are 3 ways to develop: 1. All-in-One Do it all, 2. Intuitive, 3. Creatively? How far can you develop creative things?

Programming: Working with Ben Cybulski – Working with Ben Cybulski goes beyond the everyday. It is so beneficial not to think in the everyday normal. How do you think now?

Programming: Building with nothing – You can develop things without costing you physical things. That is the satisfaction you get from doing programming.