Updates (November 20, 2023)

Life: Abstract thinking – How abstract can you get in your thinking? The more the better I suppose.

Work: Passions at the end – Even trying to work and study in this modern society of hustle and bustle, it seems we get just get old and decay and then all we have left is our passions here in Canada.

Life: Growing older naturally – Just by getting old and doing what you like day-to-day, you accumulate cultures and knowledge and then it comes to a point where you know something. You know something that maybe only you see. You have a perspective that has some value. I waited this long and now I have something. Dang! It took a long time to get here. No worries because I live in Canada which I am thankful for.

Life: Abstract thinking people – I realize there are also people who think abstractly too like me and recognize it and appreciate it and nurture it. Hmmmm ,,,