Updates (August 9, 2021)

I decided to work on learning how to build PowerShell scripts for debloating/customizing Microsoft Windows: Sophia Script for Windows. I currently just mostly involved in creating the Wrapper which is the GUI front-end for the script.

I want to learn the ins and outs of this PowerShell script. It is quite complex I think.

farag2 (Dmitry Nefedov) is the author of this project. He has been creating these scripts since 2014. What he does is Microsoft documented and he does not break anything with the Operating System.

Therefore, I find this the project great as I am not experimenting or creating any problems. I am just implementing the known changeable settings in a easy to use tool.

After, I hope to work with the next project: SophiApp. This is the full GUI C# version of the Sophia Script.

What I see cool and great is that farag2 has the goal to be the best and biggest Windows customizer/debloater.

I like everything about these projects. Working with farag2 on Sophia Script has opened my mind to the possibilities of PowerShell scripting and C# WPF coding. Without farag2, I don’t know if I would be able to do what I can do today. He has an excellent vision and goals and is always positive. I want to be involved in his projects as much as I can.

I must do this ASAP. The SophiApp project wants to be finished and released in November of this year. I want to help them with their goal. Inestic (farag2 friend coder) is coding that project on his own mostly. I am reading his code and trying to learn all his techniques.

This is actually fun. It is not work work. I am trying to just to have fun as I am old now and don’t just want to work work.

Can I accomplish this? Hopefully I can live this way by just working on projects that I truly care about.

I am still writing my CompTIA A+ study guide when I feel like it and will try to squeeze time to learn Python programming with Angela on UDEMY before Winter 2022 school starts up.