What is up and Reflection

I needed time to reflect.

I will start Chapter 2 of my CompTIA A+ study guide this week I hope. I have been doing some learning.

I have good news. The ‘Debloaters’ [ FTT, BTG (Sophia) ] that I create have gotten reviewed on YouTube by Znorux. This video currently has over 180,000 views.

I am pleased with this. I have been working hard to improve the ‘Debloaters’ after getting reviewed. It has made me reflect on what I should be doing.

As a older man now, I realize just doing what I like gives me happiness. And having people reviewing and using my software is so cool. The things I like to do is what many people like. There are many people out there like me.

I have also been busy creating software updates/fixing bugs on other tools. It is hard to create new software as I don’t have many other interests than system repair and tune up utilities. There are tons of games I could make tweaks for too which is fun …

For the BTG (Sophia Script), I have created a cool new UI/UX update and releasing soon.

I plan to start writing Chapter 2 this week and hopefully it will spur some new ideas. I will continue learning from Angela from UDEMY too. Combining both activities will help me get moving.

I saw a YouTube video popup on my feed.

It is not common to see this much pursuits at the same time or someone wanting to do all this.

I had the slow pathway. I studied computer hardware first then finally did computer programming. I really enjoyed computer hardware and was thrilled at the good pay as it enough money for me. Computer programming was just another interest that finally evolved into a strong interest.

Studying programming is OK. But making your own software is like playing a fun game; puzzle game. I am slowly getting there on advanced learning. I am on day 21 of 100 days of Python Bootcamp from Angela.

I hope more learning and experiences help me do more.