Resources I plan to create (CompTIA A+ IT certificate)

When I was 14 years old I earned an Information Technology certificate, CompTIA A+, to repair and maintain computers. I was published in a Canadian (WeCompute) computer newspaper for being a young achiever. I did this certificate to get a skilled job as soon as I can. When I look back, I feel I subconsciously did this to earn a place in the working modern world as hardworking child of Vietnam War refugees. I worked in computers since then. I worked in repair, sales and now developing software to fix and optimize Windows PCs. Here is a list of relevant experiences:

These are my interests that I truly like. I enjoyed every minute working these things.

I plan to create CompTIA A+ course material on this website. I will try to create videos, posts/pages, and prep quizzes covering everything you need.

The CompTIA A+ IT certificate will allow people to start their career in computers. It is the first step that most computer people earn.

Having the certificate helped me step through the door. My endless curiosity made me stay.